1st Meeting Report of Elected representatives

1st Meeting Report of Elected representatives
Dated: 30-08-2005

Timing: 10:00 am to 01:00 pm

Venue: Office of Salik Development Foundation, Takht Bhai, Mardan.

A meeting of all elected representatives of Tehsil Takht Bhai gathered at the office of Salik Development Foundation, Takht Bhai. More than Three Hundred Elected Representatives (Nazims, Naib Nazims, Councilors and women councilors) participated in the meeting.

The core objective of the meeting was to nominate an honest, able and trustworthy person for Tehsil Nazim by mutual consultation of all elected representatives of 17 Union Councils of Tehsil Takht Bhai.
During the meeting, Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik, President SDF highlighted the aims and objectives of meeting. He told the participant that the meeting aims are to eradicate horse-trading, bargaining and other evils from our local politics. He sensitized the participants that during the previous election majority of elected representatives sold their votes. That was the cruelty with common people of area who trusted the representatives and they dealt with their hopes and spirit. He further added that the time has come to nominate a best candidate for Tehsil Nazim for the fulfillment of ambitions and hopes of a lay man. He stressed all the representatives that may please do not compromise or deal your votes because this is worthy thing of that entire people who trusted upon you. In the end of his speech he explained that he do not wish to be a candidate for Tehsil Nazim but he will do support the process for the election of Tehsil Nazim.

Mr. Qamar Zaman Advocate, Zia ullah Jan(Nazim), Malak Aman( Nazim), Mashal Khan( Nazim), Farooq Khan( Nazim), Abdur Rehman, Abdussalam, and other councilors expressed their views in the light of Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik speech and ensured that they will elect an honest, able and trustful man for Tehsil Nazim. All the participants agreed upon the aims and objectives of the meeting while some of the participants explained that they will follow the instruction of their parities.

In the end of the meeting a committee was formed for the nomination of a candidate for Tehsil Nazim. Its was decided that the committee will meet on 2nd September, 05 and will make announcement for the candidate on 4th September, 05 at the office of Salik Development Foundation, Takht Bhai. All participants and elected representatives are invited in next meeting in this regard.

The members of the committee are as follow;
1. Jenan Zeb Salik( President SDF)
2. Halid Rehman(Nazim U/C Sher Garh )
3. Iqbal Khan, Seri Bahlol(Councilor)
4. Qamar Zaman Advocate(Lawyer)
5. Pir Bawar Khan(Activist)
6. Haji Misri Khan( Nazim U/C Sari Bahlol)
7. Muhammad Haroon
8. Mashal Khan (Nazim U/C Makoori)
9. Malak Aman(Nazim U/C Madey Baba)
10. Khan Bad shah(Naib Nazim Saro Shah)
11. Dr. Hafez-ul-Wahab(Ex-Naib Nazim Daman-e-Koh)
12. Gul Dad Khan(Ex-Tehsil Nazim)
13. Nasrullah Jan(Councilor)
14. Zia ullah Jan(Councilor)
15. Mushtaq Ali
16. Jehan Zeb(Councilor)
17. Mr. Ayaz(Councilor)
18. Aman Khan(Councilor)