A Case Study of Mr. Abdullah Shah

UC Jlala District Mardan.

Union council profile
Village Jalala is situated at Malakand road which is about 8 km away from Takht Bhai city toward North-West. It is surrounded by Madi Baba UC at south, Persadi UC at West, Makori and Parkhu UCs at East and Shergarh at North of the Jalala. Village lies at N 34//20/26.51// and E 72//54/13.75//.
Jalala Union Council begins at a bridge on stream at Malakand road. Jalala comprises of a stream flowing from Swat River from east to west. It mostly consists of plateau and barren steeps. The climate of Jalala is extreme, hot is summer and cold in winter. In summer it is generally engulfed by dust whereas in winter fog can be found commonly throughout Jalala. The winter is extremely cold due to frost falling.

A view of Jalala UC near village main bridge
The people of Jalala are very poor. There is still landlordism in the area, due to which a major part of it is possessed by those landlords. People are working over their lands as their surfs. These people work in their lands as daily wagers earning Rs. 150-180 per day. Though they are also given some extra benefits by the land owners but all these are still not enough for them to support such a large family they have.

Daily Wagers are working on field as begaar
They lack the basic facilities of the life including education, health, hygiene, and social gatherings. These people are always busy in doing some work for themselves or for the land owners as (begaar) extra work for which they have been provided shelter. Their children are unaware of the basic education.
They usually do not send their children to schools and deploy them with themselves to help them out of their distress and poverty. Instead taking some comfort home, they increase problems for their families. They cannot afford heavy expenses related to health and hygiene problems and become regular hosts of the epidemic diseases. Therefore, these people are always living under the poverty line as described by international rules.

Son of the Mr. Abdullah Shah is working in brick furnace as brick maker
The other even a bigger part of the poor people of the area is working in brick furnaces. Some people have their houses and working in these brick
furnaces whenever they think it more benefited. There is neither check over these daily wagers from the brick furnace owner’s side nor are they bound to work at any condition. Most of the poor people are working in brick furnace live in houses provided by the furnace owner. They have to work at any condition and cannot work anywhere else. Though they earn a good chunk of money when the furnace requires brick but in rainy days and after they have to live over the loan borrowed from brick furnace owner.

Mr. Abdullah Shah with his family members
Name of HH:
Mr. Abdullah Shah S/O Akbar Shah
Total family members: 16
PSC Score: 5
Total Annual Income:
100,000 (approx.)
Total value of assets: 26,000
Training: Livestock
Asset transferred:
Donkey Cart
Income enhancement:
6000 per month

Mr. Raees Alvi is filling LIP from Abdullah Shah
Mr. Abdullah Shah is a resident of Star brick furnace, Bari Shah Jalala. He is the head of a large family consisting of 16 members. PSC was filled December 8, 2010 from Mr. Abdullah Shah at its work in brick furnace.
After feeding the data into software (SDF/735), his *PSC score was found to be 5 which is in the category of Ultra Poor. First **LIP was filled from him by Raees Alvi (PPAF) and then by Jamal Shah ***LEP Officer (SDF) on 2nd February, 2011 in the presence of his family members Feroz Shah (brother), Tayyab and Mukamil Shah (sons). Abdullah Shah with his brother and a son is working in the star brick furnace as daily wager from the last two or three decades. His monthly income is about

Jamal Shah LEP officer is filling LIP from Abdullah and Feroz Shah
14,000 rupees which is hardly for 5 or 6 months regularly. He then worked some months before this on a cart but he sold it for the sake of treatment of his wife. His wife has a continuous blood reduction problem from the last few years. He has therefore spent a lot of money over her treatment. He has also borrowed about 115,000 rupees from brick furnace owner and others. Besides, working as daily wager, he also does some work in

Abdullah Shah during the training of livestock conducted by Dr. Momin Khan
the nearby fields when it is necessary in spare time. He was facilitated by the brick furnace owner by providing free residence and electricity which is only for the permanent daily wagers of the brick furnace. Therefore his total assets are not more worthy than just 26,000 which also include a local cow. Training and physical need were identified through LIP form. Looking at his past experience of

Mr. Abdullah Shah with his donkey cart.
working on a cart, LEP officer recommended his for the training of livestock and purchasing a cart.
As per planning he was trained in the month of June 2011 in a six days training of livestock conducted by Dr. Momin Khan through Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development. He learnt a lot how to look after an animal, how to keep its place hygienically fit and how to manage any accidental diseases occurs at domestic level and some more. He was given wage compensation at the end of the training. which was taken as loan.

Mr. Abdullah Shah with his loaded donkey cart
A cart was then purchased from Mr. Niqab ud din of Baghe-i-Irm Colony Mardan through purchasing committee for him. He is now working on the same donkey cart whenever he has free time daily. His income is now increased by Rs. 6000 per month. He has also given 10,000 back to his owner

*PSC: Poverty Score Card
**LIP: Livelihood Investment & Status Plan
***LEP: Livelihood Enhancement & Protection