Behavioral Change Health & Hygiene session

Village Name: Bora Kalay
Team Members:
Dr.Rashid Ali Mehdi , Waqar Husain and M.Tufail

Dated: 16/08/2013
Participants: 15
Union Council: Yaqoobi
Venue: Nihar Khan Hujra
Rept. By: Dr.Rashid Ali Mehdi

Topics of the Session:

  • Define Health & Hygiene
  • Types of Hygiene
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Domestic Hygiene
  • To aware the people (Co members regarding Health & Hygiene)
  • To enhance the available knowledge regarding health & Hygiene of co members
  • The role of Co members in adoption of health and hygiene practices in the community to eradicate the infectious diseases .

Background of the village Bora:
Village Bora is located in uc Yaqoobi about 20 km away from District Swabi UC Sard Cheena is one of the far-flung and non privileged area of district Swabi.Total Population of UC Sard Cheena is nearly 30,000 and village population is 1500.Most of the population depends upon farming and mostly Tobacco but the people of this village are poor laborer and hardly meets their basic needs like hot and cakes. The education and other facilities are inadequate for fulfilling their preliminary needs of life. Maximum number of people live in the vicious circle and the hygienic condition of the area is not satisfactory. There are heaps of wastes masses in the area.

The SDF felt the need of the area regarding health and hygiene condition to aware the community for their clean and infection free environment

Proceedings of the Event:
Regular commencement of the health & hygiene event took place with the recitation of the Holy Quran following the agenda as per the design of the session. The main topic of the session was Health and Hygiene,types,adoptation of hygiene practices and how to prevent the

Recitation of Holy Quran
diseases in the area. The approach and methodology used was participative and lecture method . Participation of all the stakeholders was ensured to maximize the outcome so that every one share their experiences and opinions regarding future improvement and planning regarding the adoption of health & hygiene practices in their daily life. The participants/CO members were informed about their primary role according to their position and emphasized upon to perform their role honestly, dedication and in loyal manner.Total 15 participants including co members in the session whom were informed about the purpose, responsibilities and effectiveness of the formation of hygiene committee in the area.

Training Coordinator conducting session
Later on an open ended question answer session was conducted that highlighted the gaps in the current health system and forward their suggestions how to improve further the ongoing system of health. The session ending event took place with refreshment event to all the participants. Formation of Hygiene Committee: At the closing of the session for sustainable outcomes of the health and hygiene session, a hygiene committee was
formed comprised of four persons.

Composition of hygiene committee:
Name Designation at Hygiene Committee
1 Nihar Khan Chairman
2 M.Riaz Member
3 Bakhtiar Member
4 Sartaj Member

Feedback of the Participants:
The participants of the session responded in grateful and welcoming manner each activity conducted by Salik Foundation with full participation and cooperation considering and commending as a basic duty performing the team for securing future of their community and their children. People commented this type of activity should be on regular basis. They also demanded for medicines for poor in the community through CO and hygiene committee. All the participants thanked SDF for the conduction of such type of activities in the area of Sard Cheena.

CO Chairman awarding Hygiene kit to Co member

CO Chairman awarding Hygiene kit to Co member