Capacity Building Training Workshop Ghari Habibullah Report

Date: From Jan18 To Jan19, 2006
Timing: 09:00 am To 2:00 pm
Venue: Regional Office Salik Development Foundation, Ghari Habibullah.

Resource Persons:

1. Muhammad Ibrahim, (Prog Assistant Health Unit SDF)
2. Shazia Mehmood (Abbotabad)

Participants: All male and Female Project Staff and Community Social Activists
(list attached)

Main Topics:

1. Effective Communication
2. Health Hygiene Promotion
3. Prevention & Control of communicable diseases.
4. Management of Infection and Scabies
5. Handling Daily Works according to hygienic and environmental standards.
6. Social Mobilization
7. Field Interventions & Community meetings.

Objectives of the Training

  • Health Hygiene Promotion in project area through 4 female, 6 male and the active participation of community social activists.
  • Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the support of social activists about Healthy Habits and Promotion of Health Hygiene Practices.
  • Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the support of social activists about communicable diseases, like Scabies, Hepatitis B, C, and TB of earth quake effected project areas.
  • Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the support of social activists about Social Mobilization and community active participation to promote sustainable the project objectives.
  • Awared and Educated Male & Female project staff with the support of social activists about effective communication for insurance of uniform and accurate information delivery to the project beneficiaries.

Back Ground of the Training;

Salik Development Foundation has signed an agreement with UNICEF in connection of Water supply, sanitation and Health Hygiene Promotion interventions in the earth quake effected areas, i.e Bat sang, Sanjilian, Malyar, Khan Mohallah, Neraly and Serai. This Training was not a planned activity of the project but SDF arranged the said training for effectiveness, sustainability and to well equipped the project staff for field interventions and health hygiene promotion campaign.

Training Proceeding;

Day 1.

The training begun with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Then all the participants introduced theirselves.

Mr. Jehan Zeb President SDF, welcomed and thanked the participants of the training for their interest and participation in time. He told to the participants that this is the time of our unity and organization for the provision of relief and basic needs of life to earth quake effected communities. He requested to all social activists came from project area and all project staff for active participation and keen interest in all project activities which are going to be carried out in near future.

Muhammad Ibrahim, Program Assistant, Health Unit, SDF, began the training properly with a brief introduction of Salik Development Foundation and all Project activities. Then the participants were asked for any comments or question regarding project activities. Several comments and questions came from the participants while M. Ibrahim facilitated them in a comprehensive way.

Then Muhammad Ibrahim explained effective communication after a group work. He told to the participants of the training that if you don’t know project goal and objectives then you will never achieve your goal. It is necessary for information sharing and communication that you make yourself awared and well equipped about project objectives, activities and basic information about health hygiene promotion.

After the Tea Break M. Ibrahim continued the session with brief feed back and started the session of communicable diseases and health hygiene promotion with the help of multimedia. He explained the topics on multimedia with the participation of all trainees. He sensitized them time to time and gave them supportive examples according to the local traditions and healthy practices.

The main topics were discussed are; Health Hygiene, Safe drinking water, clean sanitation system, prevention and control of disease like Diarrhea, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, C, Malaria, Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ARI), infections and daily works according to health standards.

The participants were stressed for the participation of women of the project area because women of the area are more vulnerable and exposed to health threatening hazards than the males.

In the end of the day Mr. Awal Khan, Coordinator, SDF reviewed the day one activities and discussions, after having lunch the participants left for their homes.

Day 2.

A few verses from the Holy Quran were recited by a volunteer participant on day two morning. M. Ibrahim reviewed the previous day proceeding and described the health hygiene fundamentals once again. After the tea break Ms. Shazia Mehmood a social activist from Abbotabad, started the session of Social Mobilization. She told several local and successful past case studies to the participants that how the local and surrounding population struggled and worked hard for their wellbeing, development and prosperity. Then she explained with various transparencies the socio economic cycles effecting basic health and due to less access to basic health facilities poor socio economic conditions of the livelihood.

She further explained the process of social mobilization especially in connection of health sector. She also explained community, organizations, norms, values, community dynamics, geography and qualities of good leadership and field workers.

In the end of the day Mr. Awal Khan, Project Coordinator, SDF, explained in detail the community intervention of the said project to the project staff. He stressed on hard working, commitment and devotion to the job. All the training participants prayed for the rehabilitation and prosperity of the entire quake effected people and left for their homes after lunch.