CB & HPP USAID Project Launching Ceremony Report

DATE: 13-05-2008.
TIME: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
VENUE: PWD Rest house Athmaqam, District Neelum.
Chief Guest: Shah Ghulam Qadir (Speaker legislative Assembly).
HOSTED BY: Salik Foundation.
Participants: Project Stakeholders.


1. To introduce our program and scope of work included in our project to all projects stakeholders.
2. To create a linkage with Govt and non-govt departments.


Salik Development Foundation is a Partner organization of Abt Associates. Salik Foundation signed an agreement with Abt Associates for the project “Capacity Building & Hygiene Promotion in District Neelum. Prior to starting of project activities a project launching ceremony was arranged. Political, religious leaders, Local NGOs, govt departments and other honorable guests Mrs. Shamim Ali Malik Advisor to the State of AJK, Mian Abdul Wahid MLA govt of AJK, Mufti Mansoor -ur-Rehman X-minister (Forest), Deputy commissioner Amtiaz Ahmed, Assisstant commissioner Khwaja Ijaz, Assistant director LGRD, Administrator TMA, Trade union, District Nazim, and many other guests from different departments participated in this ceremony.


The ceremony was started with recitation from the Holy Quran. Ghulam Jillani recited few verses from Holy Quran. After recitation Project Coordinator of Salik Foundation Dr.Fauqia welcomed all honorable guests on behalf of Salik Foundation for participating in the program. She then invited Deputy Coordinator of Salik Foundation, Mr. Rahman Hussain for introductory address.


Mr. Rahman Hussain gave a short presentation over the introduction of SDF. He explained the details of SDF work in District Muzaffarabad and District Neelum, Ajk. He said that after the earthquake 2005 Salik Foundation started work on School water supply and hygiene promotion in two districts of AJK. He added that after the completion of these projects SDF now signed an agreement with Abt associates (USAID Contractor) for the project “Capacity Building and Hygiene Promotion”. This project is of high significance for the people of targeted area as here is need to work on hygiene and to mobilize the people for safe drinking water.

Diarrhea is very dangerous especially for children. In developing countries every year 40 Lac people get diarrhea in which 25 Lac die. According to a research conducted by UNICEF every day in the world 6000 children die. The main cause of it is using contaminated water and bad hygienic condition.
USAID is the funding agency for this project. The USAID Program “Pakistan Safe drinking water and Hygiene promotion project covers 28 districts, including 6 agencies and beneficiaries from this program are 31.7 million people. The main objective of this program is to provide Technical assistance in hygiene and sanitation promotion along with capacity building in order to complement Pakistan investment in hardware for safe drinking water.

This project is very beneficial and the practical benefit of this project is that in targeted area the incident of diarrhea will be reduced. In this connection we hope positively that you all will cooperate with Salik Foundation to complete this project successfully. He then Invited Dr. Fauqia for presentation to share project activities and scope of work with participants.


Dr.Fauqia started her presentation with the objectives of the projects, which are:

  1. To control diarrhea diseases through hygiene promotion and availability of safe drinking water.
  2. To promote healthy life practices in the community through hygiene promotion, capacity building trainings, theater and debates.
  3. To keep functional durable the filter plant in Tehsil Authmaqam and to create the spirit of ownership of the said community through social mobilization.

Geographical Coverage:

Geographical coverage of is two tehsils of District Neelum i.e. Tehsil Athmaqam and Tehsil Shardah.
She then said that our project “Capacity building and Hygiene promotion” has two components.

A: Community Hygiene Promotion
B: Capacity Building

Dr.Fauqia Presented the activities included in Component A. she said that for this component our target audience are:
“Mothers and fathers of children under five years of age”.

She shared that we will convey hygiene messages to this targeted group by doing following activities.

  1. Conducting group hygiene sessions with fathers and mothers of children less than five years of age.
  2. By identifying and to training to at least 20 female volunteers for the sustainability and continuation of hygiene promotion activity in future.
  3. Meeting with 10-12 doctors in each tehsil so that they emphasize on hygiene to the mother of children under age of 5 years.
  4. Training to 25 Religious leaders in two tehsil on hygiene promotion for further delivering of these messages to our targeted group.
  5. Training to the staff of 5 local NGOs in their own offices on how to integrate hygiene promotion messages in their existing programs.
  6. Conducting interactive theaters to convey the hygiene promotion messages through drama and theater.
  7. Organizing hygiene Melas (Festival) in targeted area.
  8. Using of print and local media to promote HP messages i.e. cable networks, Radio, newspaper etc. She then invited Mr. Akhtar Ayub to present activities included in the 2nd component (Capacity Building) of the project.

Presentation of Mr.Akhtar Ayub

Mr. Akhter Ayub presented the second component of the project and shared its scope of work. He said that the main objective of this component is to keep functional durable the filter plant in Tehsil Authmaqam and to create the spirit of ownership through social mobilization. In this component our targeted group is TMA Staff and local community. The main activities in this component are:

Formation of volunteer beneficiary household committee or strengthen/ mobilize the existing CBOs to take over the responsibility for operation and maintenance of the plant in partnership with the local government and to be responsible for O&M of the plant when the government support is withdrawn. At least 2 meetings per month attended by at least 10 members of the CBO or committee shall be arranged. Collect reports from the committee and submit on monthly basis the progress of committee meetings and activities and findings such as plant operation and maintenance parameters.
1.  To provide training in operation and maintenance of filtration Plant for staff of TMA, CBOs/ Committee and any other relevant staff.
2. To provide training in water sampling, testing, training in sanitary inspection for staff of TMA/ UC/village council.
3. One-day refresher training for each of the above 4 training courses for already trained trainees.
4. Social mobilization for the use of safe drinking water.

With this the presentation ended and participants asked different questions which SDF staff members answered. SDF project coordinator Dr. Fauqia invited Mrs.Shamim Ali Malik (Advisor state of AJK) for sharing her views regarding the project.

Mrs. Shamim Ali Malik (Advisor state of AJK):

Mrs.Shamim Ali Malik appreciated SDF approach and said that this project of great importance as here is need to work on hygiene and to bring changes in people behavior and to mobilize them towards using safe drinking water. This project will create awareness among the people and will help the people to prevent them from different diseases which is usually due to use of contaminated water and bad hygienic condition Salik Foundation has already worked in hard Union councils of District Neelum and achieved the task successfully. SDF will also complete this project successfully. She said that govt and non-govt departments will support you fully. After her speech mufti Mansoor-ur-Rahman was invited for speech.

Mr. Mufti Mansoor-ur-Rahman (X Minister Forest):

Mufti Mansoor-ur-Rahman also appreciated the program and SDF efforts in District Neelum. He also appreciated the Project scope of work and said that all these activities will really reduce the incident of diarrhea among people. He also insured his cooperation with Salik Foundation. After his speech Chief Guest Mr. Shah Ghulam Qadir (Speaker Legislative Assembly) was invited for sharing his views.

Mr. Shah Ghulam Qadir (Speaker Legislative Assembly AJK):

He said that I appreciate the teamwork of SDF who’s arranged this ceremony excellently. This project of Salik Foundation is of high significance with regard to environmental safeguard. He said that all NGOs after the earthquake worked a lot and we all should fully cooperate with the NGOs. He also insured his full cooperation with Salik Foundation while working in District Neelum.

Then Mr.Shah Ghulam Qadir Came to Salik Foundation Regional Office Athmaqam for opening ceremony of office. With this the program ended and they prayed collectively for the successful implementation of the project.