Chequ Distribution Ceremony Report CPI Program

Date: October, 04, 2004.
Time: 10:00 AM
Recitation: Qari Muhammad Javed.
Chief Guest: Mr. Umar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister for Finance

Other honorable Guests:
Dr. Dunya Aziz MNA & Parliamentary Secretary for Population Govt of Pakistan.
Mr. Naseer Khan, District Nazim Charsaddah
Haji. Mir Alam Khan, Tehsil Nazim, Tehsil Takht Bhai.
Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik, President SDF.
Nazmeen ,nNib Nazmeen ,Councilors of District Mardan
Representatives of community organizations, social workers, community members and people of different walks of life.
Objectives of the Ceremony:

1. Cheques Distribution of Rs.1788416/-among 15community organizations for CPI.
2. Identification of problems and their solution.
3. Coordination among community organizations, line department especially local Government and Federal government.
4. To increase awareness for self help and Participatory development

Brief summary of the ceremony.

Salik Development Foundation has arranged a Cheque distribution ceremony in Takht Bhai for the distribution of Rs. 1788416/- among 15 backward community organizations of district Mardan for launching developmental projects under community physical infrastructure (CPI) program. The main schemes are construction of link roads, water supply, sanitation, irrigation and flood protection. These activities are run by 80 % grant and 20% community contribution under the supervision of Salik Development Foundation. The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Mr. Umar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister of Finance. While Dr. Dunya Aziz, Parliamentary Secretary for Population, Haji Mir Alam Khan, Tehsil Nazim, Takht Bhai, and Mr. Naseer Khan District Nazim, Charssada, community members and social workers were also participated.

Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik.

Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik, President of Salik Development Foundation, Welcomed and thanked the guests for their participation. He introduced Salik Development Foundation and highlighted its objectives and activities. Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik stressed upon National unity and self help and told the participants that we will have to avoid personal benefits and conflicts for the sack of development and a healthy society. He also requested for the attention of Mr. Ayub Khan and Dr. Dunya Aziz to the basic problems of District Mardan and Tehsil Takht Bhai, in which construction of roads, clean drinking water, health services, employment, education, environment and sanitation are very basic problems.

Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik appreciated PPAF’s efforts for poverty alleviation and developmental activities in NWFP especially in District Mardan, District Swabi and Peshawar. He also told to the participants that PPAF has played its positive role in the development of backward communities and several developmental schemes in NWFP are being run by PPAF and its partner organizations. The communities are now stepping towards sustainable development and prosperity.
In the last Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik specially thanked Mr. Shaukat Aziz, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Kamal Hayat Chief Executive PPAF and other staff of PPAF for their developmental steps and support for poverty alleviation schemes.

Mr. Ayub Khan, Federal Minister for Finance.

During Mr. Ayub Khan address he appreciated Salik Development Foundation’s
activities and efforts for reducing poverty and backwardness. He told the participants that poverty alleviation is one of the top priorities of the present government. The government is discouraging terrorism and anti state activities for the development of the nation and country. The government is also planning for the construction of Kala Bagh, Munda and Bhasha Dams. Due these dams the agriculture and water resources will be improved. This will bring happiness in the area. Therefore you are all requested for cooperation and support.

Tehsil Nazim Haji Mir Alam Khan and District Nazim Naseer Khan.

They talked about Salik Development Foundation’s efforts for development and appreciated its role for building a healthy, prosperous and peaceful society. They requested Mr. Umar Ayub Khan for help and guidance regarding agriculture and development of District Mardan, Charssada and Tehsil Takht Bhai.

Community Representation.

Mr. Sultan Riyaz Mardan, and Mr. Mushtaq Ali, President community organization kernel bostan kaley, Takht Bhai has represented their communities and requested the chief guest for developmental funds. They also highlighted the efforts and activities of Salik Development Foundation. They told the participants and chief guest that due PPAF funding and Salik Development Foundation developmental schemes the backwards communities of District Mardan, District Swabi and Peshawar are now prosperous and having the basic facilities like clean drinking water, link roads, flood protection and healthy environment.

In the end of the ceremony the Chief guest Mr. Umar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister for Finance distributed grant Cheques of Rs. Rs.1788416/- among the 15 concerned community organizations for developmental projects.

The Chief Guest Mr. Umar Ayub Khan has given the polio drops to the kids under five. Then he attended the meeting with local activists, social workers some political personalities and community members in Salik Development Foundation head office. After this the ceremony met to its end.

The Projects that will be implemented through 80%grant and 20% Community contribution are as follow.

Name of CO
Union Council
1. SDU Signal Mohallah

2. Spilano welfare Association
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps

3. SDU Jhandai
Jehangir Abad
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps

4.SDU Gujar Ghari
Gujar Ghari
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
5. Al-Hidmat Welfare Society Hanjariano-Kallay
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
6. SDU Takht-Bhai
Pat-baba, Daman-e-Koh
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
7. SDU Muhammad Ali Khan Mohallah
8. SDO Mardan
Guli Bag
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
9. Sadat Welfare Association Pir Abad`
Jehangir Abad
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
10. SDU Aslam Kallay
Sanitation and Flood Protection.
11. Eslahi Welfare Committee K`audaray.
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
12. SDU Amir Kallay
13. SDU Bajauro Kallay
14. SDU Saro Shah
Saro Shah
Link Road
15. SDU Carnal Bustan Kallay
Drinking water supply Hand Pumps
16. Shahi Abad Welfare Society Mian Eisa
Mian Eisa
Link Road
17. SDU Gul Bahar Colony
Pat Baba

Result of the Ceremony.
• Established Coordination among the government and all concerned.
• Community Members Participated in developmental activities.
• Identified the community problems.