Conflict Resolution between Community Organizations

Objectives of Activity:
1. To resolve the conflict between communities organizations on election results of the village organization of Yaqoobi.

2. To clear the status of SDF in the situation as it was also doubted by the DO Social Welfare in the defenders.
Date of Activity/Event: Friday 13th and14th Feb, 2014.

Description of Update:
It was around 8:00 pm on Thursday when president Salik Development Foundation was called by DO Social Welfare Swabi with a warning that SDF regional office Yar Hussain will be sealed by next day morning for there were complaints from the community against VO Election Yaqoobi. It was further shared that a complaint letter was submitted against SDF and investigation will take place.
Senior management SDF was informed about the situation and details were asked regarding the facts and details of the events. After detailed discussion and information, it was observed that SDF guilty in the conduction of event and all process has been done sincerely and transparently and has kept secured all the documentation safe for record. After having clarity on SDF status, all 11 concern community organizations who took part in VO Yaqoobi Election were informed about the situation.
The next morning a different situation was seen as the community elders along with other community activist had reached SDF RO Yar Hussain before the staff. They condemned the happening and did condolence with SDF for being tortured without any mistake and showed high aggression against the complainants and the Social Welfare department. As it had become a heavy crowd so they gathered and had a meeting and passed a resolution to stand firm for their right and fight for SDF prestige as they declared SDF the only organization that worked more promising and community need based. It was also decided to call more community members which were expected to be more than 500 but the suggestion was strongly rejected by SDF as it would create complications in security situations and social welfare department as well. Moreover, they stood firm to wait for the SW Department and deal them themselves as the community believed it a trick of the DO social welfare for his poor reputation in the community.
SDF management and community elders were in regular contact with DO SW to come to SDF office and clear the situation but after his repeated pretexts, SDF management reached SW Office and requested MR. Jamal Shah DO Social welfare and community calls compelled him to come to SDF Office. In SDF office he interviewed the offenders and defenders of the VO Yaqoobi election and a very different but expected situation came in front as both the parties declared that they had no complaints against SDF and are very pleased and thankful to SDF for making such sincere and promising efforts to develop the community of UC Sard Cheena and UC Yaqqobi in different fields. They strongly condemned the negative situation created against SDF and showed great respect and love for the organization. The complainants declared that the complaint was against the winners of the election and they had a request to have re-election only.
They community, the offenders and defenders had a meeting and passed a resolution that the complaint may be processed by the government official but they declared SDF as neat clean and totally exempted of the complaint. A resolution was written and signed by all the community members as well as Jamal Shah (DO SW). A Jirga of 3 members comprises of (Rooh Ul Amin President SBRC, Gulzar Ghani (Chairman Bird Organization) and Noor Ul Basar (Chairman Razzar Press Club) was organized by the community members for the solution of the issue. After taking details and discussion among the Jirga they took a decision and declared it in front of the general gathering, offenders, defenders, Social welfare staff and SDF staff that the election result has been cancelled and re-election will be conducted at SDF RO Yar Hussain at 9:30 am on 21st Feb, 2014. The Jarga will manage and will be responsible for the overall process of new election.
President SDF appreciated the community for being active for their rights and condemned the people who tried the evil act to bring the community organizations in front to fight with one another. He also thanked the Jirga for playing their positive role and the community for understanding the situation and cooperating with the Jirga and SDF. He dispersed the gathering after fingers were crossed for the unity and prosperity of the community and organization.

Resolution passed in favour of SDF and declared it as neat and clear in all aspects by the community members.
Election results were cancelled and new date of 21st Feb, 2014 was announced for election by Jirga.

Way Forward/Action Point:
Election will be conducted in the presence of media by the Jirga on 21st Feb, 2014.