Construction Report of Railway Cross

Disputed Historical and Multinational Railwy Cross.
At Takht-Bhai Mardan.

Under supervision:
Salik Development Foundation
Head Office:
Baz Plaza Malakand Road Takht-Bhai Mardan NWFP Pakistan.
Phone No# 0931-551244, 552546

Location: Takht Bhai City, Tehsil Takht Bhai, District Mardan.

Time period: February 2nd to March 27th 2005

Introduction of Takht-Bhai.
Takht-Bhai is an old and historical city. Total population of Takht Bhai is more that 50000. There are ruins of Buddha of 5000 BC. These ruins cover 3 km area. These ruins are visited by thousand of national and international visitors every year. Besides this the visitors pass Takht Bhai to get to Kalam, Swat valley, and Dir hill stations while the traders and visitors also pass Takht Bhai to get to Gilgit and China through Karakuram route. Infact Takht Bhai city having the scope for local community and international community as well. But with the scope Takht Bhai had a problem of a worst Railway Cross.

Back ground of the worst Railway Cross.

There is a Railway line between the two hills of Takht Bhai. A Railway Cross is situated at this Railway line. This was an ugly spot on the beauty of Takht Bhai in the shape of worst and damaged Railway Cross. The waste water of Frontier Sugar Mills, Household drainage and rainy water from hills flow on this Railway Cross. Due to which ravines and large holes have been formed. Thus the Railway Cross was as like “Pul-e-Serat” for passengers and all vehicles.

Obstacles before the construction of Railway Cross.

This Railway Cross was under the control of TMA, NHA and Railways but in fact this Railway Cross. Not only this but all mentioned institutions and local representatives did not show their interest in the matter. While the following was the main problems before the construction of Railway Cross.

• Lack of coordination and linkage between concerned departments i.e NHA, TMA, Railways,
Police, Sugar Mills and local elected representatives.
• Political opposition among the concerns.
• Lack of cooperation and responsibility for the construction of Railway Cross.
• Arrangement for the diversion of heavy traffic.
• Lack of participatory development and self help spirit.
• All concerned department considered this construction impossible.

Obstacles during the construction.

• There was no way for the drainage of Railway Cross.
• There was no proper construction plan and design.
• Non availability of material and machinery in time due to recent protest of transporters.
• Kidnapping of Tractor with steel at 11:00 pm which is still not investigated.
• Opposition of Railways department, FIR attempt, threats, prohibition of Railway Cross enlargement and demand
of money in lacs from NHA.
• Opposition of some political persons and negative propaganda.
• Conflict between Railways and TMA about the ownership of old metallic pipe for drainage. At last the TMA took the pipe by force.
• There was a hazard of tussle and conflict between SDF and Railways because they were threating SDF and trying for
FIR against the President of SDF.

Role and mobilization steps of Salik Development Foundation in the construction of Railway Cross.

According to the situation SDF coordinated all concerned departments and elected representatives and arranged meetings of all departments during the last one year. For the solution of the problem correspondence with various institutions and media has been also used. During the meetings some institutions accept the responsibility of construction but they failed in implementation due their constraints and carelessness by a few departments. At last the game of hide and seek reached to its end and President SDF with his workers started the work of Railway Cross construction on March 24,2005 after many problems, bottle nicks and regular meetings. Due to SDF worker spirit and hard working other related institutions participated in the construction too.

Instant benefits of the construction of Railway Cross.

• Benefits to local and non local traders.
• Transporters; who used to spend a huge amount of crores yearly for maintenance, repair and spare parts etc.
They also escaped from vehicles damage and wastage of time.
• Saving of POL and fuel.
• Continuation of Traffic.
• Improved coordination and cooperation among the concerned departments.
• 6 police constables, 3 Railway servants, and 2 servants of TMA have leisured and relaxed from duty in the said Railway Cross.
• Rising of Self help and participatory development spirit in local 50 thousand population and passengers.