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Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) Takht Bhai

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The chain of good and evil in the world will continue until the Day of Resurrection. In different eras, about one hundred and twenty-four thousand prophets have taught to avoid evil and support good.


Pakistan is an Islamic republic state. Many kinds of Followers are residing over here. As Per constitution every citizen has equal rights over here. As per practice Minority and Majority both are suffering for lacking of basic needs of Life. The lack of basic needs has many reasons but one of the main is the outdated system in place in this country. The citizens and Departments of this country are felt sorry for each other which is creating more and more disputes. The system for resolving these disputes need improvement. The current system of dispute resolution wasting time and resources. The lengthy process lasted for generation to generation and creating more and more disputes. The People coming for justice to courts fall in unending difficulties and problems. They forgot the cruelty upon them for which they are seeking justice in the courts. In the end they pray for finishing the cases. Millions of cases suffering billion of peoples are still pending to be decided.


The current system is promoting poverty, illiteracy and disputes, which is creating hurdles for promoting a peaceful, developed and prosperous society. The responsibility cannot be shifted to the staff and employees of this sector because in this most of the staff is devoted and intelligent. These all are our children and elders and also future of our society. As a Pakistan we all are responsible for not changing if improving the system of justice in placed.


Keeping in view the above situation a need was felt for a movement to settle down all the issues and disputes outside from respectable courts. Definitely the people victims of this system need a safe exit from disputes and cases but they have never provided a neutral and sincere platform for the issues resolution without biasness. So, a movement has been initiated for this purpose. In this movement every person should devote an hour after JUMMA Prayer for voluntarily for ALLAH. They will solve the disputes within their family, Mohallah, Street and city whichever is feasible of them. SDF named the program “Tehreek e Tanazia’at Wa Muqadimaat Khatma (TTMK)”.

Due to this effort of SDF, later on KPK Police has established Dispute Resolution Council at Tehsil Level in Peshawar Division as pilot base in 2014, With a Mission to revive this revered tradition of dispute resolution through restorative justice, KPK Police has taken this initiative of Dispute Resolution Council establishment at each tehsil level of Division Peshawar. Through DRC, poor people get free, easy and timely justice.


Salik Development Foundation has constructed a hall for DRC Takht Bhai at Police Station Takht Bhai from its endowment fund and then further it was extended due to the rush of beneficiaries for timely justice. SDF is also helping in the daily and routine needs of the council such as purchased a computer with printer for storing the data in soft form of each case, purchase 3 no of large chairs for panel members, other required furniture, installed air condition for pleasant environment at hall, planted different plants outside DRC Hall for friendly environment outside the DRC Hall. SDF also providing Printed files for cases storage in hard and stationary items when required to DRC Takht Bhai.


Mr.Haji Jehanzeb Chairman SDF prepared a Guide book in Urdu with detail guidelines, which was well appreciated by the Police department; Chairman SDF is also a panel member at DRC Takht Bhai who served one day in a week for hearing the cases of litigants.


By the grace of Almighty ALLAH, more than 3,000 disputes of different categories were resolved.

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