DSP Program 1st Training Report

Date:   17th February , 2005
Venue:   Baz Plaza, Malakand Road Takht Bhai
Facilitator:  Aziz-ur-Rahman
Social Organizer: Arshad Ali.
Participants:  From different walks of life (Councilors, Teachers, Students, Educated citizens and SDO members)

(i) Knowledge improvement of trainees about L.G System.
(ii) Sense creation among trainees about their responsibilities and rights under the L.G system.
(iii) Prepare participants for mobilization of their community people about the L.G System.
(iv) Aware trainees about the mechanism of accountability in L.G System.

Detail of Training:
The training began with recitation. One of the participants Mr, Fazali Haliq presented recitation.
After recitation, resource person and Social Organizer presented their introduction for the participants. Then the participants introduced themselves one by one. After introduction completion, Mr Arshad Ali Social Organizer welcomed the participants of the training and highlighted the aims of the training, its benefits and its effects on community.

Aziz –ur- Rahman was the facilitator of the training. He explained the over all objectives of the training and its expected out come. Then the participants were given time to present their views on L.G System.
First of all D.P.E  Degree College Takht Bhai, Hayat Shah viewed that L.G system was the need of General Pervaiz Musharaf  when he took over the rein of the Govt in 1999.
Every Army Govt had used this system to establish their strong hold on the masses. He hoped the present District Govt will going on for many years.
Mr Fazli Haliq said that he knew very little about the L.G system. He expected for the improvement of knowledge about the L.G system. Mr Shad khan said that the present District Govt System enabled every man and woman to contest election through which many able men and women came forward in the politics.
Councilor Sultan khan viewed that L.G System was the best form of Government through which the problems of the people were solved regularly at their door steps.
So it should work more and the people should also co-operate for its succession.

ShahFaisal Safi (Chairman of CCB U/C Pat Baba) said that the present Local Govt System was in the best interest of the common people because the majority of people were touch in that system.
Under the present L.G system many Developmental Projects are going on for the benefits and facilities of the people. Other participant also presented their views about L.G system.
Facilitator Aziz-ur-Rahman led the session and facilitated the participants through screen display and white board. about L.G system. He facilitated on the following topics about the local Govt System.
(i) District Govt System, its properties and historical background.
(ii) Good governance, Democracy and its properties.
(iii) Role of elected representatives under the Local Govt System.
(iv) Role and function of Union Tehsil and District Administration.
(v) Development and Participatory Development
(vi) Accountability mechanism.
(vii) Budget, its importance
(viii) Monitoring, supervision under the L.G system.
(ix) Rights and responsibilities of the people.
The facilitator always took the views on the topics of the training. The participants expressed their views freely.

Mr. Aziz – ur – Rahman let the participants for discussion for some time thought the training. At the end of the training the Social Organizer Arshad Ali asked the participants about the training.
They were very satisfied about the training and gave insurance for community mobilization about the Local Govt System.