DSP Program 2nd Training Report

Venue:   Sultan Abad, Mardan
Date:      28 / 02 / 2005
Facilitator:   Aziz-ur-Rehman
Participant :  From different walks of life (Teachers, councilors, students and SDO members)


(i) Knowledge improvement of trainees about L.G system.
(ii) Sense creation among trainees about their responsibilities and rights under the Local Govt System.
(iii) Prepare participants for mobilization of their community people about L.G system.
(iv) To aware the participant about the accountability mechanism in the District Local Govt System.

Detailed of the Training.
The training began with recitation. Mr Sultan Riaz presented recitation. After recitation Social Organizer and Resource person introduced themselves to participants.
The participants introduced themselves one by one. After brief introduction social organizer Mr Arshad Ali highlighted the purpose of the training and its benefits and its effects on the rest of community people. He hoped that after the training, the participants will work for mobilization of their communities about the L.G system.

Mr Aziz-ur-Rehman was the facilitator of the training. He explained the importance of the training. Then he gave some time to participants to express their views about the L.G system. Mr Faiz Muhd Shah expressed his views about the local Govt System. He said that the elected representatives did not work sincerely. They always disgraced those people who had elected them. Mr Haji Muhammad Inam said that people once elected their representatives then they could not ask of them about their rights.
Mr Murad Bacha said that the people should checked the activiaties of their elected members. He said that often elected members neglect those people of the union council where they had gotten votes in small number.
Mr Farman Ali said that elected representatives had no power. Then how can they do every thing for the people of their union councils. After the comprehensive views of the participants, the facilitator led the training workshop through screen display and white board about the Local Govt system.

First of all he presented and discussed with the participants these topics.
(i) Awareness  (ii) Democracy
(iii) Development (iv) Participatory Development

He also took the views of the participants on those topics. He said that the present district Govt System is the basic democracy system and the people should work collectively for its succession.
He also talked on many other topics which were related to the L.G system as follow.
(i) Composition and structure of L.G System.
(ii) Responsibilities of the elected members.
(iii)  Role of the people.
(iv) Good governance
(v) Accountability mechanism
(vi) Budget and its importance.

At the end of the training Mr Aziz-ur-Rehman let the participants for discussion about the training and local Govt System. They ensured that they will work for the mobilization about the local Govt system on the basis of these information.