Election Village Organization Yaqoobi, UC Yaqoobi

Objectives of Activity:
1. To organize election for VO formation at village Yaqoobi.
2. To organize the CO’s at village level and to be strengthened to raise voice for their rights.
3. To empower marginalized community to be able to raise voice for their rights.
4. Date of Activity/Event: Thursday, 6th Feb, 2014

Description of Update:
Franklin D. Roosevelt says that the point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity or it will move apart.
Keeping the believe in view and many more like this, Salik Foundation in coordination with PPAF/KFW organized the community of two union councils “Sard Cheena and Yaqoobi” of Swabi in the shape of Community Organizations after having repeated meetings and social mobilization sessions. The organizations were strengthened through Community managerial Skill “CMST” which brought them to a level that they started working for the marginalized ones of their locality and supported many of them which ultimately caused positive changes in many of the poor. Now the organizations needed to be brought to a plat form and to be organized at village that the community may get organized on a higher level and be more strengthened. To achieve the target an election was organized among 11 CO’s of village Yaqoobi at Mohallah Sadat Yaqoobi Khas UC Yaqoobi on 6th Feb, 2014.

The activity commenced in from the recitation of the Holly Quran by Ziyar Ali followed by welcome to all the participants and guest from SDF and PPAF by Fayiq Syed, a community representative who also hosted the event till end. Asif Saeed Program Officer SDF briefed the gathering on the overall process of social mobilization and importance of the community organizations. He also He elaborated the status and role of the village organization and mobilized the gathering for active and sincere participation in the election process.
Rana Sarwar (National Coordinator LACIP) explained PPAF policy on social mobilization and how PPAF see it in future as independent organization. He also guided the gathering that once these VO’s are converted into LSO’s and strengthened; PPAF will work directly with them and will support them for the development of their area.
Pir Musanif Shah (Project Coordinator SM/ID) briefed them on the process of vote costing and started the election process supported by Tufail Ahmad (Social Organizer ID/SM).

Steps followed in the election process:
1. Meetings were conducted with CO for guidance and consultation for election process.
2. Resolutions were taken from CO’s.
3. Candidates submitted applications
4. Election signs were issued to the eligible candidates
5. A location was selected through community consultation.
6. All the concern 11 CO’s were gathered where two members from each CO (president and General Secretary) were supposed to cast the votes.

Ballet papers were issues to the voters one by one after their verification that voted their favourite candidate in a separate room and casted the votes in poling box in fear free environment. A total of 21 out of 22 voters casted their votes as one voter couldn’t join due to his emergency and was out of the village.
Once the vote casting process was completed, Pir Musanif Shah (PC ID), Asif Saeed (PO SDF), and two community members counted the votes in the polling booth and the result was announced by Pir Musanif Shah. The elected candidates for the VO Yaqoobi are:

  1. Syed Zahid Ali Shah (President)
  2. Muhammad Ali (General Secretary)
  3. Rooh Ul Amin (Vice President)
  4. Izhar Ali (Finance secretary)
  5. Jawad Ali (Press secretary)

Rana sarwar National (Coordinator LACIP) took oath from the elected members for serving the community especially the most marginalized ones.
Jahan Zeb Salik (president SDF) appreciated the effort made and briefed the newly elected organization how they can bring peace, prosperity and development to their area. He also had Dua before the event ended and thanked the participant.
High tea was served to all the participants arranged by the community itself.

Community Comments:
I appreciate the planning and arrangements of VO election as it was done through proper process and was completely fear free and transparent.
(Anwar Khan village Bankyana)

The Village Organized has organized us and has provided us an opportunity to be empowered and raise voice for your rights.
(Syed Inayat Ali Shah Bacha).

All the candidates (both winners and losers) are happy as the election was transparent and they have promised to support the elected committee.
Liaqat Khan (ex Nazim UC Yaqoobi)

11 CO’s were organized in shape of a single Village Organization.
An example was set for community organization through fair free election.
Second step of village organization of Social Organization was completed for one village.

Way Forward/Action PointWay Forward/Action Point:
More CO’s will be organized in shape of VO’s in the near future.
The VO’s will further be federate in shape of LSO’s.