Enterprise Development Training & Marketing Report LEP Program District Kohistan

Collaboration with : Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)
Under supervision: Salik Development Foundation (SDF)
Venue: SDF Regional Office Dassu Kohistan
Subject: Enterprise Development Training & Marketing Report
Date: 23rd Feb, 2011

Mr. Pir Musanif shah (S.S.O)
Mr. Ibrar Elvi (Project Coordinator)

Participant’s List :
1.M Munir Khan
2.M Mustafa
3.Saber Hessian
4.khan member
5.Ameer Nawaz
6.Abdul Khaliq
7.Noor ul haq
8.M daleel
9.Shah Nawaz
10.Mufti Mahmood
11.M Slam
12.Fazal Rehman

Project Overview:
Salik Foundation has launched Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Program for the community having less earning resources in District Kohistan with the collaboration of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. As district Kohistan is one of the deserving and backward district of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. By this way Kohistan is subject to different hurdles like, being the most hilly area social/political barriers, being one of the most far sited area and neglected. Besides this, natural disasters like earthquake and floods effected Kohistan badly and pushed back district Kohistan to backwardness. The basic infrastructure especially roads and bridges flown away by floods. In this scenario most of humanitarian organizations were unable to reach for rehabilitation process.

Objective of Training

In general the main objective of the Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Program Is that to empower the general community. In this regard both the collectively and individually the community will be able to work for theirs self and for the area and will lead to prosperous society.
In specific the following are of main objective of the training
 Basic marketing concepts
 Identification of customers and concepts of business
 Importance and methods of buying products.
 How can they satisfy the customers from their products?

To achieve the above goals Salik Foundation with the collaboration of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund launched Enterprise Development and Marketing program. Under the project activities different tasks are in progress. In the activities training of CIGs is conducted in the district of kohistan. The training objectives were subjected to provide training to the community members of Cos to develop their skills and other expertise in marketing. The following are the training procedure.

Training Details and Methodology

 Tilawat-e-Quran Pak
 Introduction of the Participants
 About business activity discussion
 Advertising tool are used
 Marketing linkages, product selection
 Location of the business & competitor are discussed
Training session started with the recitation from the Holy Quran.
After recitation all participants introduced themselves.
Proper training started after introduction by the Senior Social Mobilzer Pir Musanif Shah. In the first fraction of the session the enterprise development and marketing was explained. In this regard S.S.O further said that what is enterprise development?
From the participants different answers came and behind the view point of participants he explained that it is,

The entire organization, including all of its subsidiaries. It implies a large corporation or government agency, but it may also refer to a company of any size with many systems and users to manage. It depends on context. The terms “enterprise,” “company,” “corporation” and “organization” are used synonymously. In the second part of the session he explained about marketing that marketing is Marketing is the management process which identifies, anticipates, and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably.

Question Hour:
Before going for tea break a question hour were giving to the participants. In this part of the session different questions were raised. In response Pir Munsif Shah answered in easy way for their understanding.

Teas break (10:30am to 11:00):
In the 3rd part of the training he explained enterprise development and marketing as whole to the participants that it is developmental activity the cradle of innovation. This applies whether the innovation results in the formation of a new organization or in the expansion of an existing organization.
In the fourth friction of the training S.S.O Pir Musanif Shah give a brief description of business and its fourth steps. He in a strong words recommended that without following these four steps a successful business is not possible. So for a constructive and advantageous business the following steps and measures are necessary.
The S.S.O briefly define the topic is as follows
After situation analysis of all the environment according to people needs suitable business will be selected

Machinery and other resources. Raw material License/permission letter. Packing and packaging. Labor Product distribution resources. Perfect/suitable business place.
Furniture Other needs such as (electricity, gas) Credit resources Registration.

Identification of business Comparison of Personal and project profile
Judgment of demand Information about Machinery, raw material, and other elements. Business accounts expenditure.
Measuring of profit.
Because when people buying same products demand less and supply will be increased, and price of products will also less and when price is less there will be no profit and business will not successful.
Therefore for the selection of business the decision will not be in hurry but with full attention.
In the fifth session of the training Mr Ibrar Elvi project Coordinator also briefed the participants about marketing simple ways. He also discussed with trainees about the proper business and product selection and also explains the competitor issue because these techniques are very helpful in all progressive business. At the end
Mr. Ibrar gave some examples for explanation which are as follow;
Some people start business in low cost and form less money in hand they can not afford the number of labors. They are giving more attention on products making and forget that these products can also be marketed. And some people making products and sell it in their own area. They think that all people of the area know us and they know the people so that’s why there is no need of market survey. So they making the same product without any changes and don’t feel to make any changes in their product so with this they also not giving attention on the publicity packing and packaging of the product. In the same way they ignore different sides of marketing. Sometimes there is less contact with market that’s why there is no market survey so they have no knowledge of quality and demand and suitable product making for them is new thing or having no knowledge about them. It is important to recognize the value of your product or service brings to your customers. By understanding this, as well as being aware of any issues your customers may have, you will better understand how you can improve your product or service.
At the end of the training session the participant was free hand to ask question and explain their view points about the training. With this all of them have the same reply of satisfaction and the value of the training. One of the participant named Mr. Mustafa said we people some time have the money to start a small scale business but have no knowledge how to spent it that why we are going trapped in vicious circle of poverty.  Another person in the session named Shah Nawaz khan said that we have the skill but it need to be polished and we also in need of money because some time we spent such a less amount in business that it cannot afford all the necessary materials for customers. By this way the customers become disappointed and they after some time does not come regularly. As whole all the participants showed their keen interest in the training. All of them for this kind of activities thanks and showed there full cooperation to Salik Foundation and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.