Filtration Plant Operational Report

Salik Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization, established in 1989. Working area of SDF is NWFP and Ajk, while SDF has offices in Takht Bhai, (Mardan), Peshawar, Ghari Habibullah, Mansehra, Muzaffarabad AJK and District Neelum AJK. The main cause of its establishment is to ensure a peaceful, prosperous and developed society. For the purpose, SDF has started the process of community social mobilization and launched several projects i.e Water supply & Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion, Environmental Protection, Health, Education, Agriculture development projects, Advocacy, Women in Development projects, Relief Programs, Flood protection and Community Physical Infrastructure Program (CPI).

Salik Foundation is the Partner Safe drinking water and Hygiene Promotion Project in District Neelum for Two Components i.e Community Hygiene Promotion and Capacity Building.

Water Filtration Plant in District Neelum:

Government of Pakistan has installed water Filtration plant in 2006 in Tehsil Athmaqam. The quality of this filtration plant is very good. Nearly 500 households can get safe drinking water from this filtration plant.

Situation of Plant Before SDF Intervention:

From the time of its installation the Filtration Plant was non functional. Following were the main causes of its non-functional.

 No Electricity Connection.
 No water connection from source.
 Water storage tank was damaged and filled with dirty water and waste material.
 Construction was incomplete e.g. there were no water taps.
 No internal wiring.
 UV Lamp was not installed.

Other Major Issues:

After meetings with TMA and Local Government, they told that:

 Operating this Filtration plant is an extra burden.
 We don’t have funds for its operation and maintenance.
 Salik Foundation should support for it least one year for its operation and maintenance.

Role of Salik Foundation:

It was a challenge for Salik Foundation to keep functional and durable this Filtration Plant.

For this purpose Salik Foundation started the process of Social Mobilization and meetings with community focal persons as well as local administration. A user committee was also formed. The members of this user committee as well as local leadership pressurized Local government to take over the responsibility of the ownership of Filtration Plant and to functional it.

As a result

 Local government took the responsibility of ownership.
 Community people arranged for 1000 ft GI pipe for water supply connection.
 Community people cleaned, repaired, and also provided lid for water storage tank of filtration plant.
 Due to community pressure Local govt gave electricity connection.
 User committee paid for FP internal wiring.
 TMA provided plumber.

After these fruitful outputs Salik Foundation Contact with Rain Drop to complete remaining work of Filtration plant such as installing UV Lamp which was missing. Rain Drop sent an operator and he
Completed remaining Work.


The plant is now fully functional and the people are using its water. Salik Foundation arranged an inauguration ceremony and Sardar Gul-e-Khandan (Chairman Prime Minister Implementation and Monitoring Commission) was invited as chief guest. Mr.Sardar Gul-e-Khandan inaugurated the Filtration Plant and appreciated the efforts of Salik Foundation.