Collaboration with: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Duration: (45) days ( From 01st September to 15th October 2010)
Salik Development Foundation has established 5 Free Medical Camps as below.
1. Camp No 1 in SDF office ACO Colony UC Dassu Tehsil Dassu District Kohistan.
2. Camp No 2 Public school Komila Uc Komila Tehsil Dassu District Kohistan
3. Camp No 3 Pattan Uc Pattan Tehsil Pattan District Kohistan
4. Camp No 4 Ranolia Uc Ranolia Tehsil Pattan District Kohistan
5. Camp No 5 Sholgara UC Bankad Tehsil Pattan District Kohistan

Incharge Medical Camp: Dr.Hafeez ul Wahab, Co Doctors

Profile of district Kohistan.
Kohistan has a rich local history as a crossroads between Central, South and Southwestern Asia. Predominantly inhabited by Dardic and Pashtun tribes since ancient times, Kohistan has been invaded and contested by Persians, Greeks, Scythians, Kushans, Turks, Afghans, Mughals, and the British.The population of Kohistan District is round about 0.5 million and an average annual growth rate of 0.09%.The total area of the District is 7492 sq km having population density 63.1% per square kilometer. The average household size is 6.4 persons. The whole District consists of rural population. Education rate is 6 percent.


The 2010 monsoon flood disaster in Pakistan has been massive and unprecedented, killing more than 1,700 persons, affecting over 5 percent of the land area, more than 20 million people, and causing billions of dollars in losses and damages to infrastructure, housing, agriculture and livestock, and other family assets. Essential infrastructure including roads, bridges and markets has been severely damaged. In the months directly following the August floods the operational response of Salik Foundation and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is focusing on emergency relief and lifesaving operations. As the floods recede and communities attempt to rebuild their livelihoods, support to recovery is required. During The floods of Jul-Aug, 2010, like other districts of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Kohistan badly effected and devastated. The emergency and relief activities had been carried out all over KP province but district Kohistan was ignored for three weeks. There was no medical aid for the flood victims as well as food and non food supplies. Knowing the situation PPAF and Salik Foundation started their emergency activities in Kohistan. SDF set up Medical teams, Field Workers and Support staff and sent them to district Kohistan for emergency relief and medical services. Salik Foundation established 05 free medical camps on the basis of 24/7 in Dassu and Pattan, district Kohistan.
Before starting the relief medical camps SDF staff met with the administration of district kohistan.
DCO Kohistan Hamayoun Khan. In this meeting DCO kohistan appreciate the efforts of salik foundation for flood relief medical camp. During the meeting he had recommended for NFIs and Food items for district kohistan because there was inaccessibility through roads. In the last he promised for his cooperation and facilitation.
EDO Health Dr Gul Bar Khan
SHO Shangla Mohammad Zaman

The daily OPD of medical camps nearly 395-400 while total OPD is 11500 from the 29-8-2010 till 12-10-2010.

Opening ceremony of free medical camps in district Kohistan.

On 30th August, 2010 at 9:30 am, an orientation ceremony of free medical camps was conducted in Dassu district Kohistan with the participation of local administration and health department. MPA Abdustar,Amanullah Salik Session Judge District Kohistan,DSP Naqeebullah,Noorul Hadi M & E ERRA,ACO Qazi Sahib,Sarfaz Sehra,Dr. Hafizu Rahman,Dr. Khalid,Dr Iftikhar,Adil Husain,Liaqat Ali and Fazli Wahid from Salik Foundation participated in the opening ceremony.
A large number of communities of Dassu Kohistan participated too and they showed their cooperation for the success of these medical camps. The participants highlighted the problems of flood victims and turned the attention of government to district Kohistan. They all thanked Salik Foundation for its immediate response and emergency/relief activities. The District Coordination Officer requested to the community members that do get benefit of these medical services.

Details of Medical Camp:
Medical and technical staff/ facilities in each camp:
MBBS doctor
OPD clerk
Supporting staff
Timing (8:00 am to 3:00 pm) (Emergency service 24 hours)
Ambulance service

Detail of Diseases.

• Skin diseases
• Anemea
• Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ARI)
• Respiratory Tract Infection (RTI)
• Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
• Gastro Intestinal diseases
• Eye Infections
• Tuberculosis especially in children
• Minor Injuries
• Back ach and Fever

A Case Study….

On 17th September, 2010 an expected mother has been brought for birth delivery to a static medical camp in Dassu during mid night. The necessary arrangements were there and female doctor was present at the time. The WMO checked up the expected mother and arranged for safe delivery process. It was a normal delivery and ended with male child born. Usually in district Kohistan, women of the area are restricted to their homes. They cannot go outside for treatment, education, Jobs and shopping etc. The birth deliveries are attended by Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA) in their homes where there are no proper sterilization and hygiene conditions. That’s why the maternal mortality and infant mortality ratesare higher. In the whole district of Kohistan there is no Women Medical Officer or female Gynaecologist. Though in some health facilities lady health visitors (LHVs) have been appointed but when we had visited we did not found them in their respective health facilities. So in these conditions the static and mobile health facilities and medical camps of Salik Foundation funded by PPAF are the valuable service for the people of the area especially for the women and children. And beside these it was first time that a woman gave birth a baby outside home in a health facility with the hands of skilled birth attendants. The father of the new born baby wished that if the name of the baby is given by Salik Foundation or PPAF so it will be my great pleasure. For this purpose a petty lottery of three different names has been conducted. The name of “KAMRAN AKBAR” came out in the lottery and the baby has been given the name of “Kamran Akbar” The whole family of the child was very much happy and the father of the new born baby, Mr.Gul Mast, Resident of UC SEO, Kohistan, said a few words as below; “ I and my whole family would be thankful throughout of my life for this kind of support and help of Salik Foundation and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF). And these two organizations have played a vital role for the development and prosperity of the area. I appreciate work done by Salik Foundaiton in district Kohistan and request PPAF and other government and non government institutions for poverty alleviation schemes and developmental projects in district Kohistan”.

1. list of doctors
2. Target locations of medical camps
3. Meetings with DCO/EDO and other concerns before medical camps
4. Short profile of UCs in which medical camps conducted
5. Detail of medical services provided i.e medicines and referrals etc
6. Case studies like birth delivery etc or any other type of disease recovered/treated
7. Pictures
8. Data of OPD patients in numbers
9. Detail of diseases treated in medical camp
10 health education detail
11. Problems/issues faced and how solved
12. Community recommendations and comments etc