GGHS Construction Work Opening Ceremony Report

Date: 09-08-05
Day: Tuesday
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: GGHSC, Kot Road Takht Bhai.

Recitation from Holy Quran: Molvi Muhammd Hassan Haqqani

Presided by: Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik

Stage Secretary: Wazeer Zada

Objectives of the Ceremony:

1. Beginning of Construction work
2. Community Participation

Proceeding of the ceremony:
The meeting of PTAs members, Political, Social, religious personalities and people from different walks of life held at GGHS Takht Bhai for the opening of construction work in the school. The meeting was started with the recitation from the Holy Quran.

Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik (President of SDF)
Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik cordially thanked all the participants for their keen interest in the meeting and avoiding the election campaign.

Then he highlighted the aims and objectives of the PTA and said that PTA a responsible organization of parents and teachers for the solution of School and Students problems. Due to PTA active participation in school enrollment and participation in the school problems solution. He told to the participants that the strength of the students is very high as compare to school accommodation, which cause low quality education. He further added that SDF has begun the developmental activities in Abdullah Jan Kalay. The funds will be utilized for the construction work of the school too.

Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik said that neither Salik Foundation can solve the school problems nor PTA but this only be possible of your participation and interest. One of the aims of your assembly is to present school problems and issues to all of you. The strength of per class students is very high due to which the students can not get quality education. With the collaboration of SDF, PTA of the school has begun developmental activities in Abdullah Jan Kaley, Kot Road Takht Bhai and GGHSS surrounding areas. The funds will also be utilized for the construction work in school also.

In the last of his speech, Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik stressed the PTA members, teachers and all participants for their active participation and passion for the solution of school problems. Muhammad Akbar Khan (TMO, Takht Bhai) Muhammad Akbar Khan said, we are pleased that Salik Foundation is an active organization for the developmental activities in all province especially in district Mardan, Swabi and peshawar. SDF has done a lot for the well being of Tehsil Takht Bhai. He thanked SDF and said that Government has insufficient resources while the problems are uncountable. Any government can not solve the problems until the local population pate. He further added that SDF has a network for developmental activities in district Mardan, Swabi and Peshwar. The poverty has been alleviated because of clean environment and safe drinking water. Molana Qazi Sher Alam, Molana Muhammad Hassan Haqqani and other participants addressed to the participants.

In the end of the ceremony all participants prayed for the prosperity and development. Then all participants began the construction work with their hands.