Govt Girls Higher Secondary School PTA Meeting Report

Date:  14th May, 2005
Time:  10:00 AM
Venue: Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Kot Road, Takht Bhai.

Meeting arranged by: 

1. Patent Teachers Association (PTA) of the School.
2. Salik Development Foundation (SDF)

Meeting presided by: Mr. Jehan Zeb , Chairman PTA and president SDF.

Recitation from the Holy Quran: Molana Qazi Sher Alam, Khateeb Jamia Masjid, Takht Bhai.
Agenda of the Meeting: 1. Govt Girls Higher Secondary School (GGHSS)
Problems and our responsibilities for a sustainable  solution.

Objectives of the meeting:

1.    To resolve by the participants and PTA members that all concerned   departments and donor organizations May coordinate for the solution of the school   problems as soon as possible.
2. To activate PTA members for self help and to aware them about school annual progress and current issues through proper presentation.
3.   Linkage and coordination development among the elected representatives, reporters, social workers and concerned department PTA members, press through this meeting.

Main Problems of the School.

(i) Insufficient accommodation for the large no of students.
(ii) No proper rooms for School clerical Staff
(iii) Shortage of Teacher
(iv) Lack of sui gas
(v) Electricity low Ampere, Fluctuation and short circuiting due to which the walls of old Building take current in rains.
(vi) 3 vacant posts of subject specialists, one DPE and 1 vacant post of female class IV.
Back Ground of the meeting:

GGHSS is an old school in Takht Bhai, it was upgraded to middle level in 1963, in 1981 it has been upgraded to High School while in 1991 it was upgraded to Higher level on non developmental basis. In 1991 the strength of students was 606 and the number of teachers was 23. while now a days the strength of student is 1646 and the number of teachers has been increased to only one i.e 24. The High School and Higher Secondary School has been separated. The old building which is high level but has only the classes of 6th and 7th due to insufficient accommodation. The high school situated on main Malakand road, Takht Bhai. while the classes from 8th to inter level have been adjusted in high secondary school situated on Kot road, Takht Bhai. The main problem of the school is the shortage of class rooms and staff proper rooms. The strength of students is very high as compare to available class rooms. An average of per class room students is 130 which affect the quality of education and health status of students also. Low electricity ampere, Sui Gas connection, construction of rooms on self help basis and increase in admissions day by day while shortage of teachers and rooms are also the issues.

For the solution of the said problems, the Principal of the school and Mr. Jehan Zeb Chairman PTA coordinated each other and decided a meeting of PTA members and all the heads of the concerned departments of district Mardan. So the meeting arranged by PTA members, School staff and Salik development Foundation on 14th of May, 2005, the proceeding and detail is as under.

Proceeding of the Meeting.

Molana Qazi Sher Alam, Khateeb Jamia Masjid, Takht Bhai begun the meeting with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Then the participants of the meeting introduced themselves. Muhammad Ibrahim, Coordinator Health (SDF) Displayed and high lighted the schedule of the meeting.

Then Ms Farkhanda Naheed, Principal of the school said the welcome address and thanked the participants for their contribution of time and consideration of schools issues. She highlighted the schools problems and issues in detail. She especially requested local politicians that the school staff may not be stressed for admission of new students because we are already facing the music of insufficient accommodation and teaching staff. She thanked Mr. Jehan Zeb, Chairman PTA for his devotion and interest in school problems.

Then Muhammad Ibrahim (SDF) displayed and highlighted in detail the presentation of the school on projector. The presentation was consisted of school back ground, school problems, annual progress of co-curriculum activities and detail of titles / prizes own by the students. The presentation has been attached with this report for information.

Ms Akhtar, Vice Principal of GGHSS, Takht Bhai, said to the participants that we are continuously reporting and coordinating concerned departments for the solution of school problems. Recently the WAPDA department has sent the pole of electricity but no body is ready to allow his land for its installation. We have very low ampere of electricity due to which fans and other electrical appliances are not working properly. In connection of accommodation, she said that the middle level school in Tehsil Takht Bhai should distribute the burden of heavy strength with us. Students from all over Tehsil Takht Bhai come GGHSS for admission, which has already a large number of students if we refuse local politicians stress us for admissions. However she requested through PTA members that we shouldn’t be stressed for admissions because we do want to improve education quality but it is only possible if the number of student is according to the standards.

After the presentation, the session of question answer has been held. Then the open discussion on agenda has begun.

Mr. Jehan Zeb, Chairman PTA welcomed and thanked the participants also. He talked about the background of the meeting and one point agenda. Then he explained the aim and objectives of PTAs. He told that the role of the PTA is to coordinate and linkage between the parents and teachers to ensure quality education and solution of school problems on self help basis. He requested the participants of the meeting for mutual coordination and efforts for the solution of the schools problems.

Mr.Wali Muhammad, EDO, Education said that we have a lot of problems in education sector especially in NWFP. Majority of Schools in district Mardan having insufficient rooms and teaching staff. He said that our department is continuously trying to coordinate provincial government and concerned departments for the solution of the mentioned problems. He suggested that a few classes of higher level or high level should accommodate in Girls school located in Mazdoor Abad on temporary basis while philanthropists and PTA members are requested to construct “Kacha” veranda in the school yard on self help basis. He further added that in the past we had the opportunity of appointment of teachers on non development SNE but in the mean time the non developmental SNE is not available. He requested the Government that to rehabilitate the non developmental SNE. Mr. Wali Muhammad EDO and ADO ensured the participants that they will send recommendations to higher authorities that the school located in Public Park UC Pat Baba should allow for females. They also suggested that high school for boys in chman kaley, Takht Bhai should allow for females while high school for boys will be shifted to Mazdoor Abad girls high school. (The participants agreed to the suggestions).

Muhammad Akbar Khan, Tehsil Muncipal Officer, TMA, Takht Bhai, requested provincial government and education department for the sustainable solution of the problems. He also suggested that the school staff and PTA mebers should arrange a prize distribution ceremony for talented students in which MPAs and MNAs may invite for donations and solution of school problems.

Mr. Zareen Khan, said that the PC1 of one examination hall and 4 additional rooms in the school has been prepared in directorate (provincial ADP) but funds are not allocated for the implementation yet. If funds are provided the problem of accommodation will be solved up to some extent.

Haji Zafar Khan, Nazim, UC Daman-e-Koh, Takht Bhai, said that though there is proper building for girls higher secondary school but it is situated in Mazdoor Abad, (near the Buddhist ruins of Takht Bhai) which is very out reach for female students. Besides this our culture and customs doesn’t allow young females for such a long journey. Therefore the higher secondary school on Kot road, Takht Bhai is suitable and we demand from education department, Salik Development Foundation and other concerned departments that extension of additional class rooms may be made as soon as possible.

Mr. Momin Khan, President, Trade Union, Takht Bhai, thanked Mr. Jehan zeb, Chairman PTA and all PTA members for their interest and efforts. He ensured his participation in the solution of the school problems and issues. He told that he will solve the electricity problem in a few days.

Mr. Khalid, Sub Engineer, SNGP, Mardan, said that the school will be exempted from bank guarantee and the school will be resurveyed for Sui gas connection. He ensured that the school will be exempted from additional charges.

Station Master Railways, Representatives of WAPDA, Hedayat Mehmend, Press Reporter, Javed Alam Press reporter, Fazli Hadi and other participants of the meeting showed their keen interest in the school problems and they ensured that they will coordinate each other for the solution of the problem.

Molana Qazi Sher Alam, Khateeb Jamia Masjid, Takht Bhai, said that Mr. Jehan Zeb, Chairman PTA and President Salik Development Foundation has done a lot for the welfare and development of Tehsil Takht Bhai, in this regard we all request him for the construction of class rooms in the school building. He requested all the concerned departments that the school may be exempted from additional charges of sui gas and electricity and the school should be given relief. Because our offspring come here to learn.

Decisions of the Meeting.

1. Mr. Momin Khan accepted the responsibility of pole installation and other electricity problem.
2. EDO, Education, ensured that he will send recommendations to his higher authorities for the solution of the problem.
3. Mr. Khalid Sub Engineer told that the school will resurveyed for sui gas connection and the school will be exempted from bank guarantee and other additional charges.
4. The PTA members decided that a meeting of MPA, MNA, elected representatives, and other concerned department will be called for the solution of school problems.

During the discussion the following personalities announced donations for two under construction rooms in the school by PTA and school staff.

1. Mr. Jehan Zeb, President SDF Rs. 200000
2. Mr. Fazl-e-Hadi   20 Bags Cement
3. Haji Zafar Khan   Rs.5000
4. Hedayat Mehmand Press Club Rs.1000
5. Jeved Alam Press   Rs.500
6 Naib Nazim UC Pat Baba  Rs.3000
7. Naib Nazim UC Daman-e-Koh Rs.3000
8. EDO, Education    Rs.500

Note: The Principal and school staff has contributed in cash for the construction of  rooms already.

In the end of the meeting the participants passed the following Resolution

1. 20 class rooms may construct in the school as soon as possible.
2. Furniture or mats may arrange immediately for the students.
3. Politicians and government officers are requested that don’t interrupt illegally for admissions.
4. MPA and MNA of the area, politicians, Tehsil and District Nazims may take interest in the solution of school problems.
5. Governments and donor organizations have also been appealed for the solution of school problems.

In the end of the meeting Molana Qazi Sher Alam prayed for the prosperity and improvement of the school and the meeting reached to its end.