Grant Distribution Ceremony Report

Date:             Oct 23, 2004  Time:  9:00 am
Venue:          Government High School, Takht Bhai.
Recitation:   Gohar Rehman (a student of class 10th)
Naat:             Abdullah (a student of class 6th)
National Song:   Faisal, Zeeshan and company.
Chief Guest: Jehan Zeb Salik, President Salik Development Foundation
Participants:   Mr. Hedayat-u-llah, from press club, Mr. Abdul Wahid, Principal school, Teachers and students of the school.

Objectives of the Ceremony:

1. Improvement of self help spirit in the teachers and students.
2. To pay people attention towards the school’s problems.

Brief Summary: 

A ceremony conducted under supervision of govt high school Takht Bhai in which all teachers and students participated. The Chief Guest of the ceremony Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik has opened the repair work of school library. He granted Rs.10000 to the pricipal for necessary furniture while Rs.8000 cash award to two teachers and a student as best social workers. Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik also gave Rs.10000 to Mr. Hedayat-u-llah (press club) for the improvement of press club’s activities.


Mr.Abul Wahid ( Pricnipal Govt; High School Takht-Bhai )
Mr. Abdul Wahid welcomed and thanked the participants. He specially thanked and appreciated Salik Development Foundation’s efficiency and efforts for the nation. He also thanked Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik for his keen interest in school problems and grant aid for the school. He explained that there was no proper management of clean drinking water in the school and the roof of the library was so old, which needs immediate repair. He thanked that Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik has granted the amount for the management of clean drinking water and repair.

Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik ( President of Salik Development Foundation )
Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik introduced Salik Development Foundation and its ongoing and completed projects in his address to the participants. President SDF told the participants that SDF had initiated the developmental and welfare activities with very limited resources within a small geographical boundary but now with the grace of mighty Allah SDF the developmental and welfare activities of SDF are being run through out the NWFP province.
The main schemes and project of SDF are Sanitation, Water Supply, Environmental Protection, Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) , Irrigation, Health Education, Women Skill Centers and Social Organization. Mr. Jehan Zeb further added that we have quite sufficient resources but unfortunately the resources and the wealth of the country is used with injustice. The President said the social work is the work of our holy prophet (MPBUH). Thus being a Muslim it is our duty to work for our country, nation and deserved people. Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik advised the students that do not wonder, do study and work hard for participation in developmental activities of the nation.

In the last session of the ceremony Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik awarded Rs.3000 to Mr. Khursheed Khan (SET Teacher GHS) and Muhammad Ayaz (CT Teacher, GHS) each for best social worker while Mr. Ayaz Zameer (Student class 10th) is awarded Rs.2000 for best social worker student. The Principal of the school Mr. Abdul Wahid is given Rs.10000 for school repair and furniture. At this occasion Mr. Hedayat-Ullah press reporter daily Mashriq is given Rs.10000 for press club fund.

At the end of the ceremony Molvee Abdur Rehman read the end pray.