Health Sanitation and Envirement Protection Awareness Walk in Bala Kot

Date:    15-12-05
Vanue:   From: Shell Pump To Kaghan Bridge (Bala Kot)
Timing:  From: 10 am
Organizations: Salik Development Foundation (SDF)
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Balakot
District Govt: Mansehra, OXFAM
Pakistan Boys Scouts Association and Line Departments of the area.

Objectives of the Walk
• Awared quake effected community members about clean environment.
• Motivated for health life practices i.e washing hands with soap, solid waste management and disposal according to the environmental standards.
• Raised Self help spirit in the community members of quake effected areas.
• Information sharing and exposure of the problems of quake effectees.

Detail of Walk
Salik Development Foundation has arranged a ceremony and walk with collaboration of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, OXFAM, TMA Balakot, line departments, Disrtrict Govt Mansehra, Donors and Local community members of quake affected Communities. From this event also launched a week-long cleanliness drive in the quake-affected Mansehra district of NWFP here on.

In this connection an awareness walk was held in Balakot. About 400 NGOs workers and Students and community intellectuals participated in the walk, which started, from Shell Petrol Pump in the quake shattered town of Balakot and ended at the Kaghan Bridge.

Main objective of the cleanliness drive and awareness walk is to combat diahrroeal diseases by highlighting the importance of safe drinking water, hands washing and solid waste management in the camps, ffected communities and its proper disposal according to the environmental standards.

UNICEF Project Officer Mr. Mehboob Bajwa, Jehan Zeb President Salik Development Foundation (SDF) Assistant Coordination Officer (ACO) Mansehra Mr.Javed, executive district Officers Health and Education, Colonel ® Shah Ali, Secretary Pakistan Boy Scouts Association and Glad of OXFAM led the walk participants to Balakot main bazaar.

Workers of Salik Development Foundation (SDF) , Philanthrope, International Rescue Committee (IRC) , Action against Hunger, Concern Pakistan and community members and intellectuals  from Ghari Habibullah, Bala Kot and surrounding areas hoisted placards and banners in their hands with messages “Let life smiles again”, “Wash your hands with soap before eating”, “Use safe drinking water”, and “Keep your environment clean”.

Announcements about the importance of safe drinking water, children immunization, hands washing with soap and solid waste management in the camps and its proper disposal according to standards of environment was an important segment of the walk.

Addressing on the occasion ACO Mansehra said that in the quake-affected areas the chilling winter have confronted women and children with serious health problems.
“By washing hands and keeping our environment clean we can combat many diseases. Women and children need special care and attention. By strengthening preventive side we can avoid outbreaks, and further disabilities”, the ACO added.

Jahanzeb Salik, expressed his concern over the deteriorating health conditions of the people living in the upper valleys of Balakot and all EQ affected areas and called on the government and NGOs to develop and implement water and sanitation, health, education and rehabilitation projects in these areas without any further delay and ensure correct utilization of relief goods and other donations. He said that after two months still now the EQ affected people are deprive from the basic needs of life like clean drinking water, sanitation, health, and other needs. He appealed to the donors and all concerned that may please ensure appropriate use of funds and avoid unnecessary paperwork as much as possible.

Mehbob Bajwa UNICEF WES Project Officer said that UNICEF priorities included providing potable water people, cleaning and disinfecting existing water resources, providing water and sanitation infrastructure and managing diarrheoal diseases by creating mass awareness and behavioral change among the affected population.

At the end of walk at Kaghan bridge jehan zeb Salik paid thanked all participants and prayed for the shuhada, injured and all affected of EQ.The participants dispersed with this determination that they will do every possibility hard work individually and also collectively for the benefit of EQ affected.