Hunger Strike about unavailability of Water Report

Duration:    Three days  (from 06/03/05 to 08/03/05).

Venue of Strike: Near Railway Patak, on Main Malakand Road Takht Bhai,District Mardan.

Cause of the Hunger strike: 

Unavailability of drinking water due to fault in water supply system in Pirano Dag (Kalay)  UC Damane Koh. The said community called a hunger strike for the attention and consideration of the problem of unavailability of drinking water by TMO, Tehsil Nazim of Takht Bhai and concerns.

Detail of the Hunger Strike:

The residents of  of Pirano Dag (Kalay)  U/C Daman-e-Koh of Tehsil Takht Bhai conducted three days Hunger Strike from 06/03/05 to 08/03/05.

The community was worried, sad and furious too due to the ignorance of the problem by  Tehsil Municipal Officer (TMO) and Tehsil Nazim. The say was by the community that Tehsil Nazim and TMO has unrealistic approach about the problem of unavailability of drinking water for last ten days. They had raised play cards in their hands on which different slogans were written against TMO and Tehsil Nazim of Takht Bhai.They were demanding of drinking water for their community.

They told that for the last ten days they have no facility of drinking water because of the fault in main Tueb well, which provide drinking water to the water tank near Pirano Dag.
Now the people of are facing  the music of thirst and difficulty because of unavailability of drinking water and it is very difficult to get one glass of water for drinking form any source.
So they have arranged three days hunger strike to aware the TMO, Tehsil Nazim and other officials about their problems because of the unavailability of drinking water.
At first day some politician and other personalities visited their camp and ensured their complete solidarity with them.

They were demanding for the repairing of the damaged tube well. On the other side the TMO and Tehsil Nazim have expressed their great concern about the problems of Pirano Dag (Kalay) because of the unavailability of drinking water for last ten days. They told that we are not careless about the existed problem Pirano Dag (Kalay). They said that the existed problems wouldn’t be solved in short time because the tube well have damaged in such way that wouldn’t be repaired. However a new  water tube well are going to dig for water supply. They expressed that TMA have no such resources to construct a new Tube Well immediately
On the second day of the Hunger Strike, Mr. Jehan Zeb President of Salik Development Foundation (SDF) visited the camp and expressed his great concern about the situation and problem because of unavailability of drinking water. He ensured the participants of the camp that SDF will make its utmost effort to solve your problem with help of your community organization and participation.

Salik Development Foundation’s Intervention   

Water Supply Scheme for the mentioned community Pirano Dag Takht Bhai

Activity: Water Supply (construction of Water tank and utilization of already existed well)

Donor Agency:            Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF).
Under supervision:     Salik Development Foundation (SDF).
CO Name:                   SDU Takht Bhai City.
Total Budget:              Rs 107,599
PPAF Share:                  Rs 85, 352
Co Share:                    Rs 22,247
Total House holds:     40.
Total Beneficiaries:    224 (Male and Female).

Background of the Scheme:

In the result of hunger strike about the unavailability of drinking water, Salik Development Foundation arranged corner meetings and social mobilization in the said community  with active participation of SDF formed Social Development Unit Takht Bhai (SDU T-Bhai). CPI staff of SDF analyzed and cost estimated for the construction of new water tank (reservoir), utilization of already existed well there, estimated its total costs and identified total beneficiaries of the scheme for several days.

Construction of Water Tank (Reservoir):

On 8th September 2005, an opening ceremony was conducted and  the construction of Water tank begun by the hands of Jehan Zeb (President of SDF),TMO Takht Bhai and local people.  At this occasion TMO and the local people appreciated the role of SDF for the  provision of  clean drinking water especially for Takht Bhai City.They hoped that Salik Foundation will successfully completed the present Scheme with the participation of the
local people.

Jehan Zeb, President of Salik Dev Foundation said at the occasion, we are deeply in touch with community and we know their problems and always try to solve or minimize them as much as possible. Further he said that all such kinds of schemes succession always depend on the community participation. He further added that with out community participation, the developmental activities are not sustainable.