Hygiene Mela Report in Sharda

Date: 28th July 2008
venue: Boys High School Sharda (AJK)
Collaboration with : USAID

I am extremely great full and wish to thank the management team for organizing such type of successful Hygiene Mela.

I also wish to thank the volunteers and the catering staff for providing their services for the smooth running of this Mela.

I also wish to thank press officers for cooperation and providing full coverage before and after organizing of Hygiene Mela

Organizing this Mela has been a great success and I am pleased that we will organize this program once again in another Tehsil of District Neelum. I am sure that the 2nd Hygiene Mela will be even a great success and we would encourage every one to attend.


Salik Foundation


Hygiene Mela is a form of education for the local community in improving their knowledge regarding hygiene. It also strengthens the partnership and alliances with community and allows more integration of positive approach towards health education. It also brings changes in behavior and attitudes and is cost effective way of promoting health and preventing diseases. It provides an enhanced learning environment for the community.

On June 28, 2008 Salik Development Foundation organized a Hygiene Mela. The event, which attracted upwards of 1700 visitors, was held at GBHS sharda. The chief guest was Mr. Sardar Gul-e-Khandan (Chairman Prime Minister Monitoring & implementation Commission).


The Objective of Hygiene Mela was to improve awareness and bring changes in behavior regarding hygiene amongst the local population living in Tehsil Shardah, District Neelum.


Pre event publicity had been organized by a team of Salik Foundation. Invitations were distributed to various community centers, health centers, mosques, govt departments and the local press. Posters (A4 size) were also distributed and pasted on walls widely. The Mela was also publicized through newspaper. A press release regarding Hygiene Mela was published in Local newspaper a few days before.


A total of 1450 adults and 250 children attended the Hygiene Mela. It was very encouraging to see women participated in this Mela as in the history of Tehsil shardah for the first time women participated in this type of event. The participants were from all age groups.

Planning for this Hygiene Mela started from June 6, 2008. A planning committee was formed and they decided that the Hygiene Mela would continue to be a one-day event from 10: 00 am to 4:00 pm. A list of local organization that would be involved was prepared. A list was agreed by the committee to invite local dignitaries such as community focal persons, X-councilors, mayors, members of health departments and other political dignitaries.

The committee agreed to invite Mr.Sardar Gul-e-Khandan (Chairman Prim minister Monitoring and Implementation commission) as a chief guest and the invitation was accepted. The majority of the planning had been completed by June 2008. Specific tasks were allocated to the members of planning committee to ensure smooth running of Hygiene Mela. Improvements were made on car parking, layout of displays to ensure safety and maximum visibility of exhibitors.

The Event:

Salik Foundation also arranged a shooting ball tournament. From the whole district of Neelum total 16 teams took part in this tournament. This had started from July 26, 2008. It was decided by planning committee that all the matches except Final Match will have to be done with in two days i.e. 26 and 27 July 2008.

The First match started at 8am 0n July 26,2008. Mr. Safdar Jamil (Assistant Commissioner, Shardah) inaugurated the tournament.

According to the direction of Planning Committee all matches completed in the mentioned time. The two teams Sharda club and Tiger club reached to the final.

Exhibition Stands:

In this Mela there were 6 stands. Organizations that were involved included:

• Salik Development Foundation (SDF)
• Peace Foundation.
• Press for Peace (PFP).
• Alsaba Development Organization (ADO).
• Pakistan Community Development program (PAK CDP).
• Itehad Welfare Society.
The stands displayed a variety of information to the participants. The participants took interest in all the displays.

The Program:

Mr.Sardar Gul-e-Khandan inaugurated the Mela.

Mr. Akhtar (SDF) then started the proceeding by welcoming every one to this event.
The program then started with recitation of Holy Quran. Mr. Shahzad recited a few verses from the Holy Quran.

Then the two teams Shrada Club and Tiger club were invited to play the Final Match of Shooting ball. The competition was very tough between the two teams and the spectators were very excited. Eventually after a tough competition, Shardah Club won the Match.

After the final match SDF Project Coordinator gave a short presentation of the project and explained the objective of this Mela. He also shared different Events included in the Mela.

Events in Hygiene Mela:

National songs
Debates on Hygiene
Quiz competition
Interactive theaters

Different school children participated in debates on hygiene jokes and sang local and national songs. A quiz competition was also included in the Mela. In this competition simple questions regarding hygiene were asked from children and women and prizes were given to the winners.

Two teams one SDF Volunteers and one from Jammu & Kashmir Friends Club of Art performed on two different scripts.

SDF Volunteer performed on a script, which emphasized:

1) A: To wash hands for 20 seconds with soap at key times i.e.

A: To wash hands

 Before preparing food.
 Before eating food.
 After Defecation.

B:  After washing hands with soap not to dry hands with towel and to dry with air.

2) Methods of cleaning water with germs i.e.
 Boiling water for 5 minutes.
 To keep in sunlight for eight hours.
The Jammu & Kashmir Friends Club of Art team performed on a script, which emphasized:

 Drinking clean and safe water.
 Personal Hygiene.
 Food Hygiene.

What people said about Hygiene Mela?

Sardar Gul-e-Khandan (Chairman prime Minister Monitoring & implementation commission)

I pay cardiac thanks to Salik Foundation for organizing such a successful event. It was an event, which was not only entertaining but was an important opportunity to involve the whole community in hygiene promotion. It was an ideal way of promoting awareness regarding hygiene. This Mela attracted many visitors; the quality of information and diverse collection of activities impressed me too much.

Safdar Jamil (Assistant Commissioner, shardah).

This was a positive step took forward in promoting greater awareness and behavioral change. I found this event very useful for the people. I must say this was a great event at community level. I impressed in all aspects of it but in particular the way it helped in bringing changes in behavior regarding safe drinking water and washing hands at key times. This Mela was a great source of knowledge and information. It was a successful activity seen as reaching to community at large to make them aware.
I congratulate Salik Foundation for organizing such a successful event.

Fathers and mothers Views:

We found the event very informative. We enjoyed Performance of groups on scripts. We also learnt how to improve our health and to prevent illness by gaining
Knowledge from attending this Mela.

Benefits to Community:

 The community learnt how to improve health and prevent diseases by gaining knowledge.
 The community learnt how to clean water from germs at home.

Evaluation from attendees:

The volunteer provided very good support. The volunteer helped much in keeping record of the number of attendees and the collection of evaluation forms. Visitors returned a total of 150 evaluation forms.

92 % Found Hygiene Mela enjoyable.
83 % Found Hygiene Mela informative.
88 % Found Hygiene Mela well organized.
63 % Found exhibitions informative.
67 % would attend similar events in future
23 % would probably attend.
10 % would not attend.


The Hygiene Mela was seen successfully the way forward for the local community, while changing their attitudes and behaviors and was cost effective way of promoting hygiene and preventing diseases. Its aim was to provide learning environment for the community. For this purpose different activities in the Mela ware organized very well. Exhibition stands of Salik Foundation and other NGOs in the Mela were very informative.