IDPs Support Program in IDPs Camp Jalala and Benazir Report

Salik Development Foundation is a non profit, non political civil society organization. SDF established in 1989 in Takht Bhai, Mardan. Salik Foundation has completed thousands of developmental schemes/projects in district Mardan, Sawabi, Peshawar, Noshera, Mansehra, Swat, Dir and Azad Kashmir through which millions of people benefited.

These developmental projects have been implemented with the help of local community, government and non government national and international organizations. Salik Foundation has worked not only in usual circumstances but in state of emergency also. Especially day night hard working for the emergency and rehabilitation activities of earthquake 2005 effectees. The main activities were health services, health education, hygiene promotion, environmental protection activities, water supply and sanitation.

Due to Swat and Malakand agency military operation a huge  influx of 2.7 million IDPs approximately migrated to district Mardan, Sawabi, Charsaddah, Noshehra and Peshawar. The IDPs were hosted by the local people of the said districts. The IDPs were given food, clothes and other facilities of life.

Beside these government established eight IDPs camps in the above mentioned districts of NWFP. Relief activities started by the government, national and international organizations in these camps.

Salik Foundation started its relief activities in these camps with available resources while these relief activities further supported and extended by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) partner of Salik Foundation for Mardan and Noshehra camps.

PPAF provided very valuable services in IDPs support program which were not expected in such emergency and short time. The team of PPAF especially Mr. Kamran Akbar, Mr.Nadeem, Mr.Muzaffar Aziz, Mr.Shahid, Ms Maliha Babar, Ms Sabeen and other honorable staff members made the program successful with day night efforts and under the leadership of Mr.Kamal Hyat, Chief Executive PPAF.

Brief detail of recent military operation, incidents and its causes.
There are many causes and factors of recent military operation, in which unemployment, illiteracy, injustice, day by day increase in poverty, misunderstanding between masses, misuse of helpless people, religious and political factors, lack of in time decision making by the leadership, false customs and traditions, corruption, interruption and interests of international powers and especially Afghanistan war for the last 30 years are the main causes of terrorism and militancy and then the recent military operation.
Due to these circumstances certain militant groups formed and organized, they got weapons, money, logistics and trainings, due to which the situation of law and order created and caused the recent military operation in Malakand Division. Resultantly thousands of people died and injoured while more than 2.7 million people were compelled to leave their homelands and become internally displaced persons.

FLOW OF IDPS IN MARDAN, SAWABI AND OTHER DISTRICTS OF NWFP. The IDPs of Swat and Dir districts migrated through Takht Bhai  district Mardan while the IDPs of Buner district came through Rustam District Mardan and Swabi city . The majority IDPs were hosted by the people of Mardan districts while the government established camps in Jalala, Mazdoor Abad, Shekh Shehzad and Shekh Yaseen of district Mardan and Yar Husain, Shah Mansoor 1 and Shah Mansoor 2  of  district Swabi and Jalozai and Benazir camps established in Noshehra district.

The views of IDPs migration were very hard,  because the IDPs compelled to migrate in very helpless state and suddenly. These IDPs not only left their beautiful land but their died and injured relatives also. Majority of IDPs had come out only in one wearing dress. Especially the pregnant women, children and elders were in very worst condition.  
Thousand of people were laid in the streets and road sides in district Mardan without any food and shelter. When no one came for the help of these IDPs then the people of district Mardan opened their hujras, houses, shops and mosques for the accommodation of these IDPs and solved their food and shelter problem. On the other hand government solved the problems of IDPs in camps. The IDPs have been provided food, clothes, quilts, water, health services and kitchen pots.

Inauguration ceremony of  IDPs support program at Jalala camp           

For there rehabilitation and prosperous future, the IDPs Support Program has been launched under the supervision of Salik Development Foundation (SDF) with collaboration of PPAF (Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund). In this program that skills are included which are the most important for the best rehabilitation of effected area of Swat, Buner and Dir Districts. The main training trades are;

• Electrician
• Masonry
• Carpentry 
• Plumbing
• Embroidery and
• Tailoring

The above trades of training are included in the vocational training center of Jalala IDPs camp.

The inauguration ceremony conducted on 12th of June, 2009 at Jalala IDPs camp. The chief guest was A.C.O Ali Hanan and Jehan zeb President Salik Foundation. After inauguration the president of Salik Foundation Jahan Zab Salik briefed the A.C.O of jalala camp and other guests of different departments/organizations as will media personal about the ongoing activities in the Vocational Training Center Jalala camp. He further elaborated and said that the assets of IDPs has been destroyed and when these people will go back to there homes they will have nothing to prepare there houses and properties. So this program will help them to rebuild there houses and shops. He thanked to PPAF and admired this action of IDPs support program for the rehabilitation and prosperous future of IDPs.

After the speech of president SDF Jan Zab Salik the A.C.O Jalala camp Mr Alik Hanan delivered a short massage to the general mass of IDPs. He in a very best mode appreciated the whole system of IDPs training Center. After that the chief guests took a short visit of every class and checked the teaching methodology and syllabus of the course.
Media converge by

PTV (Pakistan Television )
Radio Pakistan (Peshawer)
Express New (Peshawer)
Chairman TNB (Takht Bhai New Bureau)
Reporter Correspondent (The Nation )
Press Club Takht Bhai


Duration: Two months (June – July, 2009)

There are twelve beneficial and appreciatable developmental projects i.e six vocational trainings, Fruit vegetable preservation, Education, Provision of clean drinking water, sanitation, drainage, latrine construction, Child  bath station construction, distribution of agriculture kits/tools and sports tournaments.

Detail of vocational training:
The main six trades of vocational training program are plumbing, carpentry, Electrician, Mason, tailoring and embroidery.
Simple but fine verandas equipped with necessary facilities and training tools have been constructed in both camps. The duration of every training is six days while the average strength of students in each class is 15. Every IDP trainees has been given Rs.250 per day, tool kit and course completion certificate after course completion


IDPs women of every batch is given the one day fruit and vegetable preservation training in which squashes, James jelly and pickle are included. Due to these trainings not only their capacities build up but they will save money for the welfare and prosperity of their families in future. Total trainees of this training are 732 in Jalala IDPs camp while 332 in Benazir camp.


A special environment created by providing toys, play cards and drawing for the continuation of their education. Play ground were established for the children also for sports activities like badminton, cricket and volley ball. Due to this activity approximately 2245 children being benefited daily.


Clean drinking water was also a big problem like other needs of life after the migration of IDPs and after the military operation. For the solution of the problem Salik Foundation coordinated Mr.Kamran Akbar, who visited the Mardan camps personally. He advised Salik Foundation for the provision of clean drinking water. The workers of Salik  Foundation fixed water pumps with water tanks, pipe lines and installed community hand pumps in the camps by working day night.

The locations of water supply schemes are as follow;

District Mardan: 3 sites in Jalala, one site in RHC Takht Bhai, 2 sites in Mazdoor Abad, 3 sites in Shekh yaseen camp, 2 sites in Shekh Shehzad camp and one site in labour colony.

District Noshehra: One site in Benazir Complex Risalpur.

Sanitation Scheme:
Drainage, latrine bathroom and child bath station construction:

Benazir complex which is situated in military area. This camp accommodates more than 400 IDPs families from Bajur Agency. These IDPs were here for the last several months while this camp was ignored. But after the visit of Mr.Kamran Akbar the relief activities started in this camp and after a few days all the required facilities became available.

Benazeer IDPs camp provided with the following infrastructure schemes.

Benazir complex which is under construction and there is no proper arrangement of water supply and drainage. The rains of moon soon were expected while no proper drainage were made in the camp, for the solution of the problem Salik Foundation immediately completed the 4200ft drainage scheme with 08 culverts.

There was no proper latrine and bathroom in Benazir camp. Salik Foundation constructed latrines and bathrooms according to the following detail.

Latrine and bathrooms for trainee  = 03
Latrine and bathrooms for IDPs     = 04
Child bath station                            = 01

Distribution of agriculture and construction:

Pak Army, PPAF and Salik Foundation identified those IDPs who belong to agriculture field and distributed 1600 agriculture and construction tool kits in both camps. The aim of the distribution is facilitate the IDPs for the reconstruction and repair of their houses after return.

TOT and Staff Training of Jalala and Benazir Camp:
There are total five POs in IDPs support program. Salik Foundation has the honor that Salik Foundation was the host for the first one day TOT training. In these trainings Salik Foundation practically shared its experience and idea with all partners. Due to which all partner facilitated for set up of IDP Support program. For the TOT we are grateful of Mr.Muzaffar Aziz and Mr.Shehzad. For the improvement of staff performance Salik Foundation has conducted three trainings after the TOT which was very helpful for the achievement of project objectives.

Events and personalities participation:

Salik Foundation has kept continue the series of different events in IDPs support program. In which launching ceremony, kits/certificates distribution ceremonies of male and female trainees included. A ceremony was also conducted for the distribution of agriculture and construction kits among IDPs.
Beside these a walk has been arranged for awareness raising in both camps. In this walk Nazims, councilors, Pak army, local administration, media and social  worker participated.

Detail of participant personalities:

Personalities and intellectuals of all walks of life participated in these events in which Mr.Hedayatullah Provincial Minister NWFP, Maulana Qasim, MNA, Mr.Hemayatullah Mayar district Nazim Mardan, Kernel Rashid commanding officer, Major Usman, SSG Mardan, Major Shehzad, Mr.Majid second lieutenant, Mr.Ali Hanan ACO Jalala camp, Mr.Fiaz Ali, ACO Mazdoor Abad camp, Mr.Bahadar Khan, DSP, Takht Bhai, Mr.Qamar Zaman Advocate, member  high court bar association, Mr.Jehangir Khan, TMO Takht bhai, Mr.Nawaz Tahir, Tehsil Nazim Takht bhai, Nazims and councilors of Tehsil Takht Bhai and Mardan, representatives and heads of national and international organization, Ex Militery Officers, advocates, tarade community and leaders of the area and especially Mr. Kamran Akbar form PPAF, Mr.Muzaffar Aziz, Mr.Shahid, Ms Maliha babar, Mr.Shehzad and other honorable staff members from PPAF participated.

HEALTH SERVICES OF IDPS                                                                    

Mobile Medical Camps for IDPs. After the huge influx of more than 1.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) to district Mardan, Sawabi, Noshehra, Peshawar, Charsadda and other parts of the country, proper camps were established by the government of NWFP in Jalala, Marzdoor Abad, and schools in Tehsil Takht Bhai while one camp in Shekh Shehzad and one camp in Shekh Yaseen Town Mardan.  The total registered IDPs in district Mardan are approximately 0.6 million.
The main problems in all camps are miss management regarding food provision, clothes, pots, registration, accommodation and especially insufficient medical services alongwith medical doctors. For example there are only two doctors in Jalala IDPs camp for more that 1255 families while no MBBS female doctor in Jalala IDPs camp. There are only two LHVs who work only during day while no lady doctors for night. There are more than 100 female IDPs pregnant in Jalala IDPs camp.

This is only the problems of one IDPs camp of Jalala Takht Bhai and all IDPs camps in district Mardan having medical problems, however they may be different.

Beside these the health service are unavailable outside camps where IDPs have been accommodated in communities, schools and other places. The patients are crying for help and instant medical treatment.

Donation from Secours Populaire Francais & Pompiers de l’Urgence International :
Salik Foundation has decided Mobile Health Services from the 2nd day of IDPs migration to Tehsil Takht Bhai. Secours Populaire Francais & Pompiers de l’Urgence International Support Salik Foundation for Emergency relief & developmental activities especially the ambulance & Medical Equipments donated by Pompiers de l’Urgence International  which is used for mobile health service of IDPs. The Mobile Medical Team of Health Unit of Saik Foundation visited the schools and host communities in District Mardan. The medical team checked up the male, female and children patients and provided them free medicines. This activity is ongoing on daily basis in different areas in District Mardan for IDPs.

Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) Project for IDPs                                 

Collaboration:  UNICEF

Duration: 1st June to 31st October, 2009

Project Area:  UC Ikram Pur and Palai at Malakand Agency

Overall Objective:
The overall objective of the CMAM program is to contribute to improving nutritional status through Community Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) interventions and dissemination of key messages on basic health and hygiene & breast feeding promotion practices to the IDPs living in the target area. The project is expected to help reduce and maintain acute malnutrition under 10% by providing effective nutrition care and ensuring practicing of appropriate key caring practices.
• Training of the community and facility based staff on Community Management of Acute Malnutrition [(CMAM), comprising of i. Community outreach ii. Supplementary Feeding Program, iii. Outpatient Therapeutic Program and vi. Referral of complicated cases of severe acute malnutrition for stabilization care)
Training of staff on the manCMAM guidelines and protocols will be conducted by CDO Master Trainers in collaboration with UNICEF.
• Screening of all eligible children (6-59 months – approximately 3000 ) and women (pregnant/lactating, approximately 1600) in the community using MUAC and in facility using weight and height.
• Establishing supplementary feeding program (SFP) for provision of supplementary foods to approximately 450 children and 240 PLW.
Supplementary foods (UNIMIX-Corn Soya Blend), multi micronutrient supplements (sachets and tablets and Fe/Folic Acid) and other routine medicine (deworming tablets, antimalarials, Vitamin A), provided by UNICEF will be distributed to target beneficiaries as per CMAM guidelines.
• Establishing outpatient patient therapeutic program (OTP) for an estimated 90 severely acute malnourished children among the IDPs.
Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods-RUTF (Plumpy Nuts) and routine medicines (Amoxicillin, chloromphenicol, antimalarials, deworming tablets and vitamin A provided by UNICEF will be provided to all eligible children (6-59 months). The program will get support through community mobilization extensively conducted by community mobilizers.
• Establishment of breast feeding corners (safe heavens) in the target camps for promotion of exclusive breastfeeding up to six months of age and appropriate complementary feeding and encouraging/helping mothers for relactation.
• Health, nutrition and hygiene promotion sessions for adopting health practices and behavior change through interpersonal communication (IPC), Interactive group sessions using behaviour change communication strategies. Focus group discussions (FDGs) with mothers and male community members on Exclusive Breast feeding up to six months of age, appropriate complementary feeding and community motivation for early detection of severe acute malnutrition will be conducted by community mobilizers and health educators with technical support form nutrition team.
• Blanket distribution of FBF provided by UNWFP for children (6-59 months), pregnant women (2nd and 3rd trimester) and lactating women whose child is less than 6 months.
• Generate and provide to UNICEF and concerned district health authorities weekly and monthly health and nutritional surveillance reports.

Expected beneficiaries of the project for CMAM include 20,000 IDPs (most of them women, children) residing in Ikrampur/Bezo Kharki Palai camp, Malakand Agency. Direct beneficiaries of the project include approximately 3,000 children (6-59 months) and 1600 pregnant/lactating mothers residing in Ikrampur/Bezo Kharki Palai camp, Malakand Agency. The staff members working in this project will also benefit directly through receiving salaries and trainings and skills to respond to nutrition and health problems in emergencies. Children, pregnant/lactating women and other community members will benefit through improved services and community awareness regarding health and nutrition. The moderately and severely malnourished children and pregnant/lactating mothers will benefit through receiving Fortified Blended Food rations (i.e. UNIMIX, Fortified Biscuits, RUTF and plumy nuts etc).

# of Total Target Population  20,000
# of Children 6-59 months of age (15% of Total population) – Screening  3,000
# of Moderate Acute Malnourished Children (15% of 6-59 month children) – SFP  450
# Severe Acute Malnourished Children (3% of 6-59 month children) – OTP  90
# Pregnant Lactating Women-PLW (8% of target population) – Screening  1,600
# of PLW at risk of malnutrition (18% of total PLW) – SFP  240


Seminar in Jalala IDPs camp and BHU Ikram Pur
Tehsil  Takhat Bhai in District Mardan                                
Date:   5th August 2009
Venue:  1. Jalala IDPs camp, Takht Bhai, Mardan
  2. BHU Bezo Kharki Ikram Pur, Malakand Agency
By:   Salik Development Foundation
Participants:  130 Mothers of concerned communities, teachers and LHWs.

The first week of August, 2009 was being celebrated as breast feeding week in all over the world. In this connection Salik Foundation celebrated breast feeding week and conducted two seminars, one in IDPs camp Jalala and one in CMAM project area BHU Ikram Pur & Palai at Malakand Agency.
The seminar started with the recitation from the Holly Quran By volunteer, all female staff and participants introduced their selves.
Mr.Amir Habib (Nutritionist) and community mobilizer, Nizakat community mobilizer, Ms Rukhsana Parveen female doctor and Nahid Naz Nutrition Assistant gave the following details about the importance of breast feeding and its celebration.
They highlighted the benefits and importance of breastfeeding according to the following detail.
Breastfeeding improves children’s intellectual, mental and physical health prospects in childhood and throughout life. It promotes bonding between mother and baby – a foundation for lifetime emotional well-being; it reduces risks of a wide range of infectious diseases, asthma, overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and some malignancies. For mothers it promotes recovery from childbirth, and reduces some cancer risks and later osteoporosis. A more honest and valid way of expressing all this is to say that formula feeding of infants, without breastfeeding, raises the risks of all these disorders.  The WHO and UNICEF Declaration on the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding. They urged that “for optimal maternal and child health and nutrition, all women should be enabled to practise exclusive breastfeeding and all infants should be fed exclusively on breast milk from birth to 4-6 months of age. Thereafter, children should continue to be breastfed, while receiving appropriate and adequate complementary foods, for up to two years of age or beyond. This child-feeding ideal is to be achieved by creating an appropriate environment of awareness and support so that women can breastfeed in this manner.

Nutrition Assistant SDF gives briefing about Breast                   M.Ibrahim Jan, Proj Coordinator CMAM,
                       Highlights the breastfeeding celebration

Salik Foundation has established  playgrounds in IDPs Camp Jalala, Mazdoor Abad, Shiekh Yasin Camp, Shiekh Shehzad Camp and Benazir Camp. Beside the camps Salik Foundation also established playground in 38 schools and communities of District Mardan and Swabi with collaboration of PPAF.

These playgrounds are equipped with children recreational items, sea saw rocking chairs etc.
This activity is highly appreciated and welcomed by all IDPs and camps management. It will recover children from trauma and they will grow like normal children.

Detail of tournaments

The sites of Playgrounds are as follow;

GPS Umar Abad Parkhu, GHS Parkhu (Takht Bhai) Near GMS Ganjai Kaley, GGHS  Takkar, G.Hr.S.S Takkar, Shah bag, GPS Sazo din kaley, GHS Pir Abad, Public Park UC pat baba, Pati Kalan, Technical College Mazdoorabad, GHS Mazdoorabad and Jalala IDPs camp of Tehsil Takht Bhai while GGHS No1 Near Town Hall Mardan, GHS Biket Gunj, G.Hr. S.SNo4 Shahdand, Guli Baag and Shekh Yaseen IDPs camp of Mardan.

CONDUCTION OF TOURNAMENTS FOR IDPS                                                                                                

Salik Foundation has conducted different tournaments for the restoration of mental health, refreshment and physical exercise of IDP children,

The first cricket tournament for IDPs of Buner, Swat and Dir conducted in Marzdoor  Abad. Total 10 teams of IDPs participated in this tournament, while 06 local teams participated. This tournament played on nock out system and continued for 18 days. The final match was played between Takht bahi and Swat IDP teams. The Takht bhai team won the match by 7 runs. At the  end of the match honorable guests Mr.Muzaffar Aziz, PPAF, Mr. Shehzad, Mr.Hemayatullah Mayar, district  Mardan Nazim and  Mr Jehan zeb President SDF distributed prizes and trophies among the players. The guests addressed to all the players and participants, they appealed for the development of the nation.

2nd Cricket tournament for DIR, Buner and Swat IDPs:

The 2nd tournament conducted Mela ground across the canal near Takht Bhai Degree College. In this tournament 18 IDP teams of Mardan, Charsaddah and  Takht bhai participated. This tournament is ongoing and the final will be played on 14 August 09.

3rd Cricket tournament for the IDPs of Benazir Camp:

This tournament was played between the IDPs of Bajur Agency and Risalpur teams. Total 6 teams took part. This tournament won by Bajur. The local people, Pak Army, staff of Afghan commissionorate enjoyed this tournament very much.

Volly Ball Game:

This game is played only among the IDPs of Bajur on daily basis and ongoing. In this regular game the children of 400 IDP families took part and local people enjoy the game at evening time.

Badminton Game:

Two courts have been made for this game in Benzir camp Risalpur, one for kids and one for elders. This game is played regularly also and amuse themselves.

Return process of IDPs and problems.

This process begun suddenly and unexpectedly. The hourly deadline given to camps IDPs that returns to Malakand agency. Though the IDPs were  very happy to return but they have not receive their ATM cards, aids and other things so they were very uneasy. However the return process begun from all big camps of district Mardan.  Thousands of families have been returned to  their areas of Malakand agency.
But some IDP families accommodated in Jalala camp from other  part of district mardan and other camps. Total families in Jalala camp are 824. Some IDPs do not want to go back because their areas are not 100 percent clear. A number off IDPs returned form host commuities but still a large number of IDPs present in host communities. These IDPs face problem in return also as they were faced in migration to here. But it is hoped that the situation will be better in upcoming days.

On the occasion of 14th August, Salik Foundation conducted a poetry and skits event in Jalala IDPs camp. The local poets of Tehsil Takht Bhai participated in this event. They shared their poems. While the local actors performed joyful skits and theater.

The played a drama regarding the vocational trainings under IDPs support program. The main theme of the play was the training importance. Some people showed to the participants that they are trained and now they are able to rebuild  their homes and shops with their own hands while some people in the play showed that they did not get such trainings and they are not able to work for themselves and now they are requesting other  trained people to work for them.


As all IDPs had come in a very helpless conditions and they were in deep trouble in early days but they had the love and devotion of local host people due to the services and hospitality.
The IDP support program of PPAF was unique which effect positively on the minds of IDP people. Due to this program they not only received money, certificate and tools but they found a base for the future development and prosperity also. All the young trainees promised that they will work hard for the rebuilding of their homeland and Pakistan. And they will improve their skills after return. Some IDPs made relationships and get benefits from each other ideas, facilities and experiences. The spirit of self help and scarifies developed which will be very useful and helpful in future rehabilitation and reconstruction of their areas.


a. The implementation of IDPs support program was immediate and in short time. The site selection for camp, space occupation, arrangements, set up for training, staff hiring and selection of trainers was very challenging.
b. The big problem was that to arrange human and financial resources alongwith record keeping and to complete the process too. Some time it was very difficult to control our natural and human emotions to see the helplessness of IDPs to work for them without project criteria but due to commitment and principles we couldn’t do it and control ourselves.
c. According to the  program we had to work only for camp IDPs and training but we were requested again and again by the out side camps IDPs which were in millions. But according the agreement we were compelled to work only for camp IDPs and training.
d. IDPs women did not like to unhide themselves for training purposes in camp but our social mobilizers mobilized them and their males too that do get benefit of this  program.
e. We had the fear of suicide blast or any other bomb blast may occur at any time. That’s why some people ignored our celebrations and events. The space between Pak Army and people has been increased. Salik Foundation has decreased such space and restored the confidence of the IDPs as well as the local people. For this purpose Salik Foundation invited the officers of Pak Army and government officials in its celebrations and events. Even the officers and Jawans of Pak Army actively participated in the walk conducted by Salik Foundation for awareness raising. This was the first time that officers of government and Pak Army took part in a public activity. Due to this activity the loose confidence resorted of the IDPs  and people and they liked this activity very much.


• Mardan and Sawabi districts especially Tehsil Takht Bhai effected very much after the migration of IDPs. The mobility of the area badly effected and it was hard to get to offices and other parts of the big cities due to huge traffic all time on the roads.
• Due to hurdles in mobility the official work, government and personnel matters increased.
• The schools have been closed in May, 2009 due to which the education of students disturbed.
• The repair and maintenance work in schools is done in the summer vacations every year, in these summer vacations (June, July, August) the repair and maintenance work did not completed.
• Due to the accommodation of IDPs in schools, furniture, fans, electrification, bathrooms, class rooms and other things of the schools and colleges effected and become out of order, which is useless for students and then they will come to school after vacations they will face problems.
• The link roads are effected and are repairable.
• The water sources especially communal hand pumps become out of order.
• Increase in inflation due to gape in demand and supply.
• Teaching staff involvement in management of IDPs.


a. This program may be kept ongoing till the last IDP return.
b. The set up of Jalala IDPs camp may be kept operational for the local population after the return of the IDPs. Because district Mardan and especially Tehsil Takt Bhai is the most effected areas. The financial status of the people who have hosted the IDPs, become lower and some extra burden of food, electricity etc, so the local people deserve for developmental and welfare schemes like CPI, health, environment and employment after the return of IDPs. While the current set up in Jalala IDPs camp may be used.
c. Salik Foundation is ready and welling in Swat, Buner, Dir and bajure for relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation activities/projects. The offices of Salik Foundation in the said areas are as under.

EID Mellon Party in IDPs Camp Jalala
All Pakistanis celebrated the happy occasion of Eid-ul-Fiter in their homes with their relatives but the affected areas of IDPs which are not cleared by army are still living in the camps far from their homelands and their relatives are in a pity condition. On the happy occasion of Eid, Salik Development Foundation and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) celebrated their happiness with the IDPs and their children at Jalala IDPs camp to convert their sorrow and grief in happiness. 

On the third day of Eid SDF president Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik, Kamran Akber Chief Operating Officer (PPAF), Ahmad Nadeem (Management Executive ( PPAF ), Maleeha Babar (Management Executive) and other staff members met with all the camps members tent to tent and distributed one thousand (1000) Gift bags including (sweets, Bakeries, Toys, and Balloons etc, and beside this 56700 packs of milk has also been distributed among the IDPs children


This project become successful with the grace of Almighty Allah, and with guidance and facilitation of leadership and staff members of PPAF and day night hard working of SDF staff members. We are very thankful with the efforts of Mr.Kamal Hyat, Chief executive PPAF, Mr.Kamran Akbar, Chief Operating Officer, PPAF, Mr.Muzaffar Aziz, Management Executive, PPAF, Mr.Shahid Management Executive, PPAF, Ms, Maleeha Babar, Management Executive, Mr. Ahmad Nadeem Health Education PPAF, Ms Sabeen Health Education PPAF and All staff members of Salik Foundation.

Beside these we are very thankful with the efforts of UNICEF, Secours Populaire Francais & Pompiers de l’Urgence International and Save the Children.

Jehan zeb