Inauguration Ceremony of MCH/CMAM and School Supplies Distribution Ceremony SM-Education Improvement Program

Collaboration with:  PPAF (SM-Education Improvement Program District Kohistan)  &  UNICEF (MCH / CMAM Project)

Date: 11-12-2010
Venue: Rest House, Near RHC Pattan, Tehsil Pattan District Kohistan
Under Supervision: Salik Development Foundation (SDF).

List of Participants:
1. Mr.Mehboob Ullah Jan, MNA, Parliamentary Secretary for Religious Affairs.
2. Mr. Humayun Khan, District Coordination Officer, District Kohistan.
3. Assistant Coordination Officer, district Kohistan
4. Muhammad Elyas, DPO district Kohistan
5. Captan Waqas, Pak Army, Tehsil Pattan.
6. Muhammad Mukhtiar, EDO Education district Kohistan.
7. Dr. Taj, Emergency Coordinator (Health) district Kohistan
8. Session Judge district Kohistan
9. Civil Judge district Kohistan
10. Moulana Abdul Haleem, Khateeb Jamia Masjid, Pattan.
11. Moulana Dildar religious leader and X MPA MMA
12. Qari Rizwan Relegiuos Leader and chairman local relief committee, Tehsil Pattan.
13. Mr.Jehan Zeb, President Salik Development Foundation
14. Muhammad Ibrahim, Project Coordinator, MCH/CMAM district Kohistan.
15. Mr.Liaqat Ali, Coordinator Education Project district Kohistan
16. Mr.Adil, Admin Officer Salik Foundation
17. Dr.Pervez, MO Salik Foundation
18. Dr. Hafeezul Wahab, Salik Foundation
19. Dr.Khalid, Salik Foundation
20. Dr.Abdu Ghani, Salik Foundation

Two Ceremonies were arranged:
1. School Supply Distribution Ceremony among the Students:
Salik Development Foundation had signed an agreement with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Islamabad for the project SM Education Improvement Program in district Kohistan. Salik Foundation repaired and renovated 26 government schools and provided school and educational supplies.

2. Inauguration Ceremony of MCH/CMAM Project:
Salik Foundation also signed an agreement with UNICEF Peshawar for the project “Strengthening of MCH (Maternal & Child Health) and establishment of CMAM
(Community Based Management of Acute Malnutrition) Services in seven union councils of District Kohistan, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan.
An inauguration ceremony conducted to announce the 24/7 Basic EmOC services provided by Salik Foundation and Unicef at RHC Pattan and all MCH and CMAM (Nutrition) project activities in 7 union councils of district Kohistan.

Proceeding of the ceremonies:

The ceremony began with the recitation from the Holy Quran by
Mr. Muhammad Zaman (SDF). This is a great owner for SDF that in the history of Kohistan first time such a ceremony arranged in which MNA, District Coordination Officer Kohistan, EDO Education Kohistan, EDO Health Kohistan ,Other all govt departments , local religious and Community leaders participate with thier full interest.

Muhammad Ibrahim Jan PC, MCH/CMAM project served as Mr. M.Zaman Riciting some verses from Holy Quran in the ceremony
stage compare.He thanked and welcomed all the honorable guests and participants. He explained MCH and CMAM project to the participants. He told about the various components of the project.
M.Ibraihm Jan called Mr.Jehan Zeb, President Salik Foundation to come on stage for welcome address and brief introduction of Salik Foundation.

Mr.Jehan Zeb, President Salik Foundation welcomed and
thanked all the participants for their keen interest and support of Salik Foundation for the last two years. He told that he and his staff had started the developmental activities in Kohistan for the last two years.He introduced Salik Foundation in detail especially ongoing projects in district Kohistan. He explained that Salik
Foundation repaired and renovated 26 government schools in district Kohistan and provided
Mr. Jehan Zeb (President SDF) addressing to the participants.

school supplies i.e school uniform for students, bags, books, maps, cupboards, furniture, stationary, sports and education learning material. He told that supplies would be provided to five schools of Tehsil Pattan in this ceremony. He thanked PPAF especially Mr. Kamal Hyat (CEO/Managing Director) Mr Kamran Akbar Sahib and Mr. Ahmad Nadeem (Manager Health & Education Unit) and all other PPAF concerned staff members for cooperation & support of Salik Foundation in successful implementation of the Project.
Mr.Jehan Zeb, President Salik Foundation explained the MCH and CMAM project too in detail. He told that after floods in Kohistan, Salik Foundation conducted free medical camps in various UCs of district Kohistan including Pattan, so the community of Pattan demanded for MCH services and especially women medical officer. He further added that MNCH services are the basic need of district Kohistan. He explained that unicef Peshawar and Salik Foundation has signed an agreement for the provision of 24/7 Basic EmOC services in RHC Pattan and Nutrition and MCH services in few BHUs of district Kohistan. He also thanked of Dr Inamullah ,Dr Aien Khan Sahib and all UNICEF Concerned Staff of the said project.
At the end of his speech thanked all community members especially District Coordination Officer Kohistan Mr Humayun Sahib EDO Education Kohistan Mr Mukhtiar Sahib, EDO Health and Dr Taj Sahib , ACO Qazi Sahib , DPO Ilyas Sahib , Social Welfare Oficer Mr Rashid Sahib , local religious leaders and influentials for fullest cooperation and support of Salik Foundation for the implementation of the said projects.

Mr.Humayun Khan, District Coordination Officer, Kohistan
addressed to the participants of the ceremony. He told that Salik Foundation is a practical organization. He appreciated the education project activities of Salik Foundation and he told that the work standard of Salik Foundation is satisfactory. He told that Mr.Jehan Zeb committed to me that he will initiate health projects in
Kohistan and today he fulfilled his commitment.

Mr. Hamayun Khan (District Coordination Officer) addressing to the participants.
These MCH and Nutrition services are the need of the area and very population of district Kohistan. At the end of his speech he ensured his fullest cooperation and every possible help with Salik Foundation.
Captan Waqas, Pak Army (Pattan) addressed to the
participants. He explained the emergency and relief services conducted by Pak army after flood in Kohistan. He told that they will soon start helicopter services from Tehsil Pattan for the supply of different relief items to cut off vallies. He thanked Salik Foundation for developmental activities

especially health and education sector. Captan Waqas (Pak Army) addressing to the participants.
Mr.Muhammad Mukhtiar EDO Education Kohistan
Mr.Muhammad Mukhtiar EDO Education Kohistan appreciated the school renovation work and provision of valuable supplies to schools during his speech. He thanked Salik Foundation that they considered the problems of this backward district. He told that the educational facilities were in very worst condition and those schools were not able for learning. Salik Foundation has
Mr. Muhammad Mukhtiar (EDO Education Kohistan) addressing to the participants.

done excellent work and did quality work which is appriciatable. He ensured his fullest cooperation with Salik Foundation.
Qazi Sahib (Assistant Coordination Officer Kohistan),
gave the reference from the Holy Quran that participate in good and positive activities for the people. He thanked Salik Foundation and appreciated the activities of Salik Foundation especially free medical camps for flood effected people of Kohistan.

Qazi Sahib (ACO Kohistan ) addressing to the participants.
Dr Taaj Sahib,(Emergency Coordinator Health)
district Kohistan addressed to the participants he also appreciated the efforts of Salik Foundation for the establishment of labour room and Basic EmOC services at RHC Pattan and MCH service in 3 cluster BHUs with RHC Pattan. He told that Salik Foundation ensured the services of women medical
officer for the people of Pattan so this is a valuable job. He
Dr.Taaj Sahibn (Emergency Coordinator Health) addressing to the participants.
showed his satisfaction about the performance of Salik Foundation. He told that I have seen the school renovation work of Sallik Foundation which very good.
Malik Fazle Haq, local Politician and activist told
to the participants that our district is very backward. NGOs and government departments don’t come to Kohistan for developmental work. Health and education improvement is the need of the area. He told that we welcome Salik Foundation for welfare and developmental activities in our district. He requested District Coordination Officer for roads and path construction.
Mr. Malik Fazli Haq (Local Politician) addressing to the participants.

Moulana Dildar (Religious Leader and X MPA MMA) welcomed and thanked all the participants to Pattan valley. He also thanked Salik Foundation for relief and health activities especially for MCH services, WMO and labour room facility in RHC Pattan. He told about the difficulties which they have been faced regarding birth deliveries and complicated cases. He told that we had to carry the women patients to Besham and Abbotabad for treatment. Now this is our good luck that we have those facilities of Besham and Abottabad in our valley. He also thanked Salik Foundation for health and relief activities in Tehsil Pattan district Kohistan.

Mr. Mehboob Ullah Jan (Secretary Parliamentary affairs
Religious Ministry & MNA) Mr.Mehboob Ullah Jan, Parliamentary Secretary for Religious Affairs addressed to the participants. He thanked local administration, Pak Army, Salik Foundation, all NGOs and local community volunteers for emergency and relief activities and
gathered for a valuable cause. He appreciated the completed and ongoing
Mr. Mehboob Ullah Jan addressing to the participants.

projects of Salik Development Foundation especially in district Kohistan. He also appreciated the MCH and CMAM project of Salik Foundation and UNICEF. He explained that MCH service including female doctor is one of the basic needs of district Kohistan. He told that our government is now in the phase of reconstruction and
rehabilitation and various projects are in pipeline for flood affected people. At the end of his
Mr. Mehboob Ullah Jan & Mr. Hamyun Khan (DCO ) distributing School bags among the children
speech he told that I am in touch with Salik Foundation for the last two years and I have found the work of Salik Foundation is 100 percent satisfactory. He offered his fullest support and cooperation with Salik Foundation for the development of district Kohistan.Before the distribution of schools supplies Maulana Abdul Haleem 113 years old the most respectable Khateeb of Jamia Masjid Pattan, was asked to pray for the successful implementation and prosperity of the nation. Maulana Abdul Haleem told that before the pray let me confirm that Salik Foundation would depute a female doctor in Pattan or not? Because our core issue is the non availability of lady doctor and labour room. We have to carry our expected mothers to Besham or Abbotabad for safe motherhood. If Salik Foundation provide these facilities so I would pray otherwise I am not satisfied. Mr.Humayun Khan, DCO Kohistan explained to Maulana Abdul Haleem that Salik Foundation has just launched the MNCH program in RHC Pattan along with well equipped labour room and women medical officer and female LHVs. Now these facilities will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with medicines and free of cost for everyone. With this clarification of DCO Kohistan, Moulana Abdul Haleem became happy and thanked Salik Foundation that our main problem has been solved. Then he raised his hands for pray and all participants prayed for the successful implementation of the project and development of the area and Pakistan.