INAUGURATION CEREMONY REPORT Of Community Health Centre (CHC) Komila District Kohistan


Description: inauguration
Date: 24/2/2011
Day: Thursday
Time: 10:30 AM
Place: Community Health Center (CHC) Komaila
Chief Guest: Mr. Hamayun Khan (DCO, Kohistan)


1. Mr. Ahmad Nadeem( PPAF) 2. Mr. Hamayun Khan (DCO Kohistan)
3. Mr. Ilyas Ahmad (DPO Kohistan)
4. Mr. Jehanzeb President Salik Foundation
5. Dr. Muhammad Taj, Dy EDO (H))
6. Mr. Mukhtar,EDO (E)
7. Mr. Rizwan PPAF
8. Dr. Gulzar (Incharge Health Unit SDF)
and other community elders of Komila.

An inauguration ceremony conducted on Thursday 24/2/2011, presided by the president of Salik Development Foundation Mr. Jehanzeb Salik. Dr. Hafeez started the proceeding as stage secretary. Ceremony was started with the recitation from The Holy Quran by Mr. Sherzada Kohistan. After that Dr. M.Taj was invited to say some thing about health regarding District Kohistan.
Mr. Sher Zada reciting the Holy Quran
Dr. Taj (Dy. EDO (H)), addressed the participants in detail about the present situation of health in Kohistan. He told the participants that at present in Kohistan, there is no advance laboratory, no ECG, no Ultra sound. We are thankful to Salik Development Foundation, who is providing these facilities to the poor and needy people of Kohistan in such a far flung area.
He also mentioned that apart from Dr. Taj (Dy.EDO (H)) is Addressing
this Salik Development Foundation is also working for improvement of education and community physical infrastructure. He told the participants that Salik Development Foundation is working very well in these sectors and this is our responsibility to extend our full co-operation to Salik Development Foundation for the development
of Kohistan. He further added that the slogan of Salik Development Foundation “we will make Kohistan a Gulistan”, viz. (place of flowers/dreams) will come true inshallah in the near future and this hospital which inauguration ceremony is in progress will prove itself as GOD gifted thing for Kohistan.
After that Mr. Jahanzeb Salik president Salik Development Foundation, invited to the stage to say a few words. He gave brief introduction to the participants regarding the activities of Salik Development Foundation. He told the participants in short the history of SDF, and mentioned present activities, especially the Health sector. He told the participants that the present Health project is
starting with the support of PPAF, and we are going to make it Mr. Jehan Zeb Salik (President SDF) is Addressing
sustainable with co-operation of community. For this purpose we plan to collect some nominal charges of the facilities from the community, and the collected amount will be spend on the purchase of chemicals, equipments and other needs of the hospitals.
He also told participants, that not only here but Salik Development Foundation is also providing facilities in RHC Pattan and RHC Dassu too.
A full pledge hospital at Bankad will also be started very soon (in next week). For this purpose shelters were purchased and shifted to Bankad and the remaining will be shifted very soon. He also told the participants that our (Salik Development Foundation) program regarding MCH and Nutrition is in progress at Pattan, Jijal, Banil Qila, Dassu and Shathyal, for which experienced and qualified staff is employed there, and at the end Salik Sahib appealed to the Community to extend full co-operation in this regard, and he thanked Mr. Hamayun (DCO) and Mr.Ilyas Ahmad (DPO) for their full co-operation with Salik Development Foundation. And after that Salik Sahib requested the DCO to take positive steps for starting DSL in Kohistan, because now at present in the new health program the doctors will receive online consultation through satellite with the famous specialists of the country for the treatment of the local patients as was promised by Ahmad Nadeem PPAF. These Health facilities will be full time online with other specialists. This will save time and money of the poor people of Kohistan.
After Salik Sahib, Ahmad Nadeem from PPAF, told the people about the struggle of PPAF in health and education sectors. He told the people that health and education are inter-related and without education, development is impossible. He requested the DCO and EDO (E) to visit our offices and PPAF will arrange field visit to remote areas in which you will observe
that how those communities Mr. Ahmad Nadeem (PPAF) is Addressing
become developed, and these all achievements come throug community participation. At the end Nadeem sahib, thanked Police department for their co-operation with Salik Development Foundation. DPO Kohistan told the people to extend their full co-operation to Salik Development Foundation, so they can work with full enthusiasm.

Muhammad Ilyas (DPO Kohistan) is addressing
Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad, EDO (E), briefed the participants regarding the SDF’s co-operation and achievements in education sector. We are thankful to Salik Development Foundation for their brilliant role, which is Salik Development Foundation playing in the development of education sector at Kohistan.

Mr. Muhtar Ahmad (EDO (Edu) is addressing
Mr. Hamayun (DCO Kohistan), briefed the participants regarding developmental works in Kohistan. He further told the people that Salik Development Foundation, whom working, for health, education and community physical infrastructure is commendable. And I am thankful to Salik Development
Foundation for their struggle Mr. Hamayun Khan (DCO Kohistan) is addressing
for the development of Kohistan. He asked the people, if they want development of their community, then they have to extend full co-operation and support to Salik Development Foundation. And if you support Salik Development Foundation then they will work with more and more enthusiasm. Regarding DSL, the DCO Kohistan told that he will do his level best for this purpose because he is too establishing a resource centre at district level in Dassu, in which every kind of information will be available under the same roof. And one can receive every kind of information, just on a single click regarding district Kohistan.
At the end the DCO Kohistan told the people, if they want development in Kohistan, Salik Development Foundation can’t do it without your co-operation because neither government nor Salik Development Foundation can do it itself all alone. Your co-operation in this regard necessary with Salik Development Foundation to continue its work in Kohistan.
He told the people that, here different organizations are working but only Salik Development Foundation’s activities are visible and this is not only my personal views but this ground reality. He further thanked Salik Development Foundation administration and field workers for their unforgettable achievement and appeal the community to extend full co-operation towards Salik Development Foundation and pay your own share in this regard.
At the end Dr. Hafeez said thanks to the participants and with a dua-e- khair, the ceremony came to an end.