Irrigation Nacca Structure Distribution Ceremony Report

Date:          04/02/05
Venue:       Hugra Haji Raza Khan Gangai Takht Bhai
Recitation: Mulana Abdul – Latif.

 (1)   Chief Guest DCO Mardan Mr, Khalid Hussian
(2)    EDO Agriculture Mr Siraj Muhammad Khan.
(3)     Advocate Qamar Zaman.
 (4)    TMO Takht Bhai Mr. Mohammad Akbar Khan.

Proceeding of the Ceremony
Maulana Abdul Latif:
Maulana Abdul Latif began the ceremony with recitation from the Holy Quran.

Mr. Jehanzeb Salik: (President of SDF)
After the Recitation from the Holy Quran, President SDF Mr, Jehanzeb Salik Introduced Salik Foundation and Welcomed the Guests. Jehanzeb Salik highlighted the aims and objectives of the ceremony and addressed the participants regarding agriculture development. He said that Salik Foundation is working since 1998 for the development and prosperity of backward and poor farmers of the area. CCAS will be distributed among 120 farmers of Amir Kallay and surroundings according to CPI methodology to avoid wastage of water time and to facilitate the methodology of Irrigation. He said that this program will continue if the first one succeeded. 

 Haji Raza Khan:
After Jehanzeb Salik of the region Haji Raza Khan expressed his views and said that this is a good program due to this program farmers will be benefited and there will be no wastage of water. He thanked Salik Foundation. He also expressed different problem about Agriculture.

Mr. Muhammad Akbar Khan ( TMO Takht-Bhai )
Mr. Mohammad Akber declared that this is a positive step of Salik Foundation for the development of Agriculture.

Mr. Qamar Zaman Advocate ( President Bar Association T.B )
Mr. Qamar Zaman Khan Advocate Said that Salik Foundation is working for the development for the last fifteen years and has done a lot for the development of the region. And now started a new program for the farmers due to which the poor farmers will be benefited.
He said we will support shoulder by should Salik foundation and will work for the development of the region.
Mr. Siraj Mohammad Khan ( District  Agriculture Officer Mardan )
Mr.  Siraj Mohammad Khan Said in his speech about govt steps taken for the solution Agricultural problems.  He said that Salik Foundation registered hardworking farmers with us to aware them about Agriculture related problems and their solution. He insured help with Salik Foundation. He more said that there will coordination with Salik Foundation and Agriculture department. And will work for the development of Agriculture.

 Mr. Khalid Hussain (DCO Mardan )
The chief guest of the ceremony DCO Mardan Mr. Khalid Hussain said that I have coordination with Salik Foundation for the last six (6) years. He highlighted different projects of Salik Foundation. He said that the problems are a lot and all can not solved by government lonely. Therefore like Salik Foundation the other NGOs also should work for the solution of the problem of the people and help the government to solve many problems of the people. 

He said that water is very important for crops due to this NUCCAS distribution program water can avoid from wastage and also can minimize the work of former during irrigating the crops. He more said that our country is depending open mostly on Agriculture therefore more attention should be given to Agriculture. At last he thanked Salik Foundation and promised for coordination cooperation

At the end of the ceremony chief guest distribute authority Letters of NACCA among the Poor Farmers  
The ceremony ended with dua.