Labour Conference Report

Date:    1st may 2004.
Location:   Press Club Peshawar.
Under Supervision: District Co-ordination Council,

Co-Operation:  Salik Development Foundation.

Back round of the Conference:
 The international Labor Day is celebrated every year on international level. In the current year in the area of the country in celebrated in District Peshawar. In different area different Government and Non-Government institutions had arranged to celebrate according to their resource. So that to pay the attention to the miserable condition of labor. District Peshawar is the provincial capital of Pakistan. It control the different institution of all the province but even Afghanistan program also control from this District. Majority of Government and Non- Government institutions work to alleviate  the poverty. These institution works for humanity which posses low standard of life. They work on credit and daily wages. They deprived from the basic need of life including clean drinking water supply, health, Education, Employment, Justice, sanitation and other basic facilities of life. It is the bad luck of Peshawar although the Head Quarter of Govt: and Non-Govt; Institution are situated in Peshawar. They work to elevate the poverty. But majority of the population are deprived from the basic need and facilities of life. To keep in mind these circumstances district coordination council has arranged a conference in a district Peshawar with the co-operation of SDF. In which the invitation are given to the different sector of life including Govt; and Non-Govt; politician, Social institution and other personalities. Their problem will be solved through coordination cooperation exchange of view and joint efforts.

Objective of the Conference:
To unite with labour on that occasion international Labour day  to raise the vice for the availability of basic need and facilities to the labour and poor people of the society. To improve the life of poor people and cooperation to evaluate the poverty with concerned Govt; and Non-Govt; institutions and exchange information and coordination.
Important Points of Conference:
1. Conference was held in Peshawar Press Club. So that to facilitate the poor  people and every sector of life of people were participated to the conference.
2. In the conference different Govt; and Non-Govt; institution, donors, Children of School, Nazmeen, Councilor, Scalar, Social Organizer and different sector life of people participated in the conference.
3. The conference was commenced at 10:00 A.M.
4. At the end of conference walk was arranged to the Governor House, In which provincial Minister and Director participated.
5. The entire arrangement for this conference was done through the self help in which financial support was not taken from any donor. Which is a successful experiment in the word of NGOs sector.
6. The conference and walk was arranged extremely with peaceful manner. All the debater expressed their views with full liberty. No any unpleasant events was happened.

Commencing of ceremony and speeches of participant:

Recitation of Holy Quran:
 Jamal Khan recited a few verses of Holy Quran.
Khan Sahib (General Secretary DCC Peshawar)
 General Secretary of Council said in the conference that we are happy to day that the social organization of district Peshawar gathered on one plate form and they arrange a conference for the right of labour. He stressed on the all the institutions that the basic right of labour pay special attention because the labour class are facing extreme difficulty.

Doctor Fahrul Islam (Director Social Welfare NWFP)      
 He said in his speech to the conference that labour start struggle for the better time work. So the labour will get the right for better time work. During this struggle a few labour gave sacrifice for their lives. Their struggle brought a fruitful result. He said in any country of the world labour play a role of back bone for the development. The labour conference was held in Peshawar District Coordination council, which is an example for the other districts. They are also appreciated the SDF efforts to make this conference success and ensured for any possible co-operation.

Umar Gul (Finance Secretary DDC Peshawar)
 Umar Gul Sahib expressed his view and said that the Chicago Labour raised their vice for right and created own name in a history of the word. He said that in the world experiment was done for different systems communism and socialism both were failed. Islam has fixed the scale for the right of labour. Which can never ever be founded.
Doctor Shezad Sahib( Executive member of DCC Peshawar)
 In his speech he appreciated that the arrangement the member of the council for success of the conference. He appealed all the institutions that the cooperation is needed for joint efforts with council to provide basic need, facilities and right of the labor.

Jehanzeb Salik (Chief Coordinator DCC Peshawar)
 He said to the conference I am congratulating of all my fellows for the arrangement of this conference. Because this conference is unique and success on every point of view. In this conference all the sector of life of people gathered. In which the head of government and Non-Government institutions different Donors, Social Organizations, Teachers and the leader of the Union Council are participated. The important thing is that this conference is arranged through the self help no any financial support is taken from any donor. He said it is an honor for the DCC Peshawar instead of limited recourses they made this conference success.
He said all though our country is a poor country but NWFP and especially District Peshawar is the most poor and back word district. But it is the bad luck of district Peshawar that there are the offices of Government and non-Government institutions, big buildings, Wide roads available. But the people of Peshawar can not take the breath in open atmosphere due to pollution. So that the surrounding population in villages are often deprived from the basic need like Education, Health, Employment, justice, clean drinking water, link roads and sanitations. There are certain reasons of the poverty. The unavailability of cooperation with the concern institutions and persons, coordination exchange of information these are the few reasons of poverty. But the biggest reason is the institutions persons between the nation of the country has personal and unfair interest. If pay attention to the duties and rights so there is no any reason to elevate the poverty from the society. Islam has imposed Zakwat, if the rich people pay Zakwat so that poverty will be elevated from the society. He stressed for the inter development. He said there no injustice in the society for this purpose we have to do joint work to improve miserable life of labour and elevation of poverty and the institutions needs cooperation, coordination and exchange of information. At last he thanked all the participants.

Hafiz Hashmat Ali ( Provincial Minister for Zakwat Women Development and Welfare Society of NWFP):
 First of all he paid thanks for invitation. He said that fourteen hundred year back Islam has given us the Education which is guidance for us. Islam has ordered us that pay the right of labour before the drying of sweat. Islam has order us as you wear and as you eat like them for the others. Islam insisted on Haqooq-ul-Ebad after Haqooq-ullah but West is trying to press us and doing propaganda against us. We stayed the just system of Zakwat. We have distributed the sewing machine, marriage Fund and established an University for women in a short time we got a unique success and in other sectors. He congratulate to the council on successful arrangement of conference and organizer of the council especially SDF and ensured for any possible cooperation. At the end of ceremony paid thanks of all the participant and invited the participant for Walk. 

 At the end of conference walk is arranged from Peshawar Press Club to the Governor House. The Chief Coordinator of the council Jehanzeb Salik, Provincial Minister Hafiz Hashmat Ali and Provincial Director for Social Welfare, Doctor Fahrul Islam Participated in the Walk from Peshawar Press Club. In the walk different sector life of people and Head of the institution took part. The participant raised the banner and Play Card on which different words about labour right were written. Administrator of Peshawar has arranged peaceful walk so that no unpleasant incident was happened. Walk reached from Peshawar Press Club to the Government House in a peaceful manner. At the end of walk Jehanzeb Salik Paid thanks of all the participant and Doctor Fahrul Islam has offered Dua-y-Khair.