Livelihood Enhancement & Protection ASSETS TRANSFERRING CEREMONY

Livelihood Enhancement & Protection ASSETS TRANSFERRING CEREMONY

Jalala is a union council of Tehsil Takht Bhai. It is situated at Malakand road which is about 8 km away from Takht Bhai city toward North-West. It is surrounded by Madi Baba UC at south, Persadi UC at West, Makori and Parkhu UCs at East and Shergarh at North of the Jalala.
Jalala Union Council begins at a bridge on stream at Malakand road. Jalala comprises of a stream flowing from Swat River from east to west. It mostly consists of plateau and barren steeps. The climate of Jalala is extreme, hot is summer and cold in winter. In summer it is generally engulfed by dust whereas in winter fog can be found commonly throughout Jalala. The winter is extremely cold due to frost falling.
People & economy:
The people of Jalala are very poor. The people can be divided into four factions. The first faction consists of landlords which comprises of only 8-10 percent of the total. There is landlordism in the area, due to which a major part of land of Jalala is possessed by those landlords. The second faction of people consists of poor people living in the houses facilitated by these landlords. People are working over their lands as their surfs. These people work in their lands as daily wagers earning Rs. 150-180 per day. Though they are also given some extra benefits by the land owners but all these are still not enough for them to support such a large family they have. They lack the basic facilities of the life including education, health, hygiene, and social gatherings. These people are always busy in doing some work for themselves or for the land owners as (begaar) extra work for which they have been provided shelter. Their children are unaware of the basic education. They usually do not send their children to schools and deploy them with themselves to help them out of their distress and poverty. Instead taking some comfort home, they increase problems for their families. They cannot afford heavy expenses related to health and hygiene problems and become regular hosts of the epidemic diseases. Therefore, these people are always living under the poverty line as described by international rules.
The other even a bigger part of the poor people of the area is working in brick furnaces. Some people have their houses and working in these brick furnaces whenever they think it more benefited. There is neither check over these daily wagers from the brick furnace owner’s side nor are they bound to work at any condition. Most of the poor people are working in brick furnace live in houses provided by the furnace owner. They have to work at any condition and cannot work anywhere else. Though they earn a good chunk of money when the furnace requires brick but in rainy days and after they have to live over the loan borrowed from brick furnace owner.
Only a small group of people belongs to other faculties of life and living in their in their own houses. They are shopkeepers, vendors, traders, hawkers, transporters, etc.

Fact & Figures:
Population: 24906 (est.)
Population covered: 16402
Total HHs: 3114 (est.)
HHs covered: 1920
Literacy Rate: 42% Productive Age (18-65): 35.4%
People having Livestock: 32.3%
LEP Activities:
Livelihood enhancement and protection program activities were started on October 23, 2010 after two days orientation given by LEP team from PPAF. Initially a survey via PSC of different villages in Jalala was completed on Dec 31, 2010. LIP (Livelihood Investment Plan) filling was started which has to filled from Ultra, Vulnerable and Poor of the Jalala UC which was identified, analyzed and prioritized through Poverty Score Card software. More than 1760 PSCs were filled initially in the target UC which identified 147 Ultra Poor and more than 283 were identified by the software as Vulnerable Poor. Initially Ultra poor were targeted and LIPs were filled from them. PPAF LEP team paid another visit for LIP correct filling method and then for monitoring. Wealth Ranking was also completed in more than 20 different villages of Jalala. Trainings of tailoring, electrician and livestock were arranged by LEP unit of SDF and conducted through Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development.
Arrangements were made for the assets to be transferred to the trainees of electrician, tailoring and livestock who fall in the two categories, viz. Ultra and Vulnerable poor. Both ultra and vulnerable poor were verified from the community and necessary actions were taken to eliminate the poor with good living condition. Formats for the assets transferring were prepared and filled from the trainees.
Assets Distribution Ceremony:
LEP team planned assets distribution ceremony on Friday September 30, 2011. For which invitations were sent to trainees, some CO members and some distinguish personalities of the area. All arrangement were done a day before Friday.
Assets distribution ceremony was started by Pir Musanif Shah as an anchor person. He first thanked all the guests who came to this ceremony. He then asked Mr. Jamal Shah to recite some verses from Holy Quran. After recitation of Holy Quran Pir Musanif Shah invited Executive Director Salik Foundation Qadeem Malik to describe the details of LEP program completely. Mr. Qadeem Malik gave a detailed account of what happened during the last one year regarding LEP activities. He told the participants that it was very hard to initiate the project in UC Jalala because most of the people have done some survey without any developmental works which compelled the people of Jalala to deny anything. Then he insisted over the trained poor to improve their livelihood through the skills they have received through Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development from Salik Foundation. He added that today we are going to deliver you asset related to your training. He also emphasized over the trained candidates to fully utilize these assets in enhancement of their livelihood to ensure a good living standard in future.
Pir Musanif Shah then invited EDO Finance district Mardan to the stage. EDO Finance thanked Salik Foundation and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund for their interest for the uplift of the poor class of the area. He then told the trained candidates to fully cooperate with these organizations in their activities for smooth development of the area. After EDO Mardan, Pir Musanif Shah invited President Tehsil Bar Association Mr. Qamar Abbas to have a few words. Mr. Qamar Abbas appreciated the work of Salik Foundation for the poor of the area. He also asked the trained poor to utilize the assets properly as there are very few opportunities are presented by organizations. Dr. Momin Khan was invited by Pir Musanif Shah. Dr. Momin Khan also insisted the poor of the area to make this program successful because very few areas are selected for such activities. He also describes how it is difficult for PO to take a project from the donor organization and make the donor organization sure that the target people truly deserve.
Pir Musanif Shah then asked President Salik Foundation Mr. Jehanzeb Salik to talk to the community and trained candidates. Mr. President thanked the guests for the coming to the ceremony and then thanked LEP unit due to its efforts the today’s ceremony has been arranged. He then asked that the candidates who got training are the luckiest in the UC of Jalala. He added that skills have prominent role in the development of the area. He asked the participant that it is the time to compete other countries of the Pakistan. Therefore no one should set idle, we need to enhance our skills and capacity for the development of the country. He then announced the donation of medicine and surgical equipments/requirements to the B.H.U. Jalala.
Assets Distribution:
Pir Musanif Shah then announced assets distribution and invited Mr. Jehanzeb Salik, President Salik Foundation, Dr. Momin Khan, EDO Finance and Mr. Qamar Abbas respectively to deliver the assets to the Ultra and Vulnerable poor.
Pir Musanif Shah after assets distribution gave an end to the ceremony and invited the participants to tea.






Assets Transferred  


No. of Persons

Jun 17, 2011 Electrician Male Electrician Kit 7
Tailoring Male S.Machine, Iron, Acces. Kit 6
Tailoring Female S.Machine, Iron, Acces. Kit 25
September 30, 2011 Electrician Male Electrician Kit 5
Tailoring Male S.Machine, Iron, Acces. Kit 4
Livestock Male A Pair Of Goats 31
Poultry Farming Poultry Farm

(small Scale)

  Livestock Female A Pair Of Goats 10