Livelihood Enhancement & Protection SKILL TRAININGS


Organizers:            Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development
Venue:                    Baz Plaza Takht Bhai
Date:                      18/3/2011 to 10/4/2011
Trainers:                Mr. Ghufranullah, Mr. Kashif Shah
No. of Participants:    10
Training:            Electrician
Training duration:        5 and 1/2 hours (8AM to 1:30PM)


Salik Development Foundation LEP unit started skill enhancement
program in union council Jalala. In this connection first skill enhancement program of electrician started from 21 March 2011. A Term of Memorandum was thus signed with Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development for providing trainers to LEP program for skill enhancement in Takht Bhai.Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development is a
 especially upliftment of poor people in KPK. It comprises of qualified skilled trainers who have lots of experience in the specific field. Initially 10 students are enrolled in the class.


The training was started with the recitation of some verses from
the Holy Quran by Mr. Niaz Ali. After this Mr. Nasir Saeed, LEP Coordinator gave a brief introduction of the Salik Development Foundation and its motives. He then also discussed the LEP program and its objectives. After Mr. Nasir Saeed, LEP Officer Mr. Sabz Ali gave a detailed description of the benefits of this training.
Day 1 Introduction Of The Program And SDF Precautionary Measures
Identification Of Electric Tools
Identification Of Electric Materials
Day2 Basic Needs Of A Room
Day3 Cost Estimation Design Of Wiring
Use And Identification Of Wiring
Day 4 Types Of Wiring Simple Wiring
Button Wiring Casing Capping Wiring
Hidden Wiring
Day 5 Joint Of Cables And Types Practical Exercise
Day 6 Series And Parallel Connection Practical Exercise
Day 7 Different Types of Boards Practical Exercise
Day 8 Preparation Of Room Main Board Practical Exercise
Day 9 Preparation Of Sheet Board Practical Exercise
Day 10 Power Button Power Plug
Energy Meter Check Meter
Volt Meter Connection
Day 11 Fuse Single Fuse
Double Fuse Single Breaker
Double Breaker Ampere Meter Connection
Practical Exercise
Day 12 Ring Bell Connection Two Way Connection
Series Board Tube Light Connection
Practical Exercise
Day 13 Room Wiring Practical Exercise
Day 14 Main Line Connection Practical Exercise
Day 15 Fuse Indicator System Practical Exercise
Day 16 Hotel Indicator System Practical Exercise
Day 17 Tunnel / Godown System Practical Exercise
Day 18 Defects In Wiring Identification Of Wiring Defect
Day 19 Safety From  Electricity Shock And Its Cure Practical Exercise

The LEP unit admitted the following students in the training.

S.No Name PSC Score
1. Amjad Ali 16
2. Nisar Ahmaed 12
3. Abdul Wahab 16
4. Shakir Ullah 17
5. Yousaf Khan 9
6. Afzal Khan 8
7. Zakirullah 5
8. Munsif 12
9. Hayat Ali 22
10. Mohd Sher 17












The trainers then give a brief introduction of the Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill
Development and aims of the training imparted to them.
They also mentioned the contribution of Salik Development Foundation and Pakistan Poverty
Alleviation Fund towards
developmental works. They motivated the trainees to get most Trainees listening to Mr. Ghufranullah enthusiastically
of the benefits from the training arranged. After introduction, the trainers commenced the skill training of electrician. They gave a
brief introduction of the tools used in the skill training of electrician and described them how to use these tools.Trainers then told them
 to  identify the tools and how they can be used for building works. Trainee giving introduction of the tools and scales
Attendance of the participants was regularly taken by the trainers and Mr. Nasir Saeed checked it on daily basis. All the participants took great interest in the training and came punctually to learn the skill.



Mr. Kashif shah giving practical work to trainees
Trainers took classes with complete zeal and zest looking at the interest of the
participants. The trainers took brilliant classes and strived their best to make the
training more interesting and productive. They mainly emphasized over practical work to benefit the trainees.
 Trainees using the tools and equipments
Class was fully arranged for the training. All tools and materials were fastened on the soft and hard boards. Every tool was labeled with its kinds. The training room was very favourable for the training and attractive for the learners.
All the trainees have been given proper entertainment to the trainees as to ensure their full mental and physical participation in the training.  MATERIALS FOR TRAINING:All the materials given to the trainees were latest equipment that are used in the training of electrician. All the participients in the training were satisfied from the instructors
 and materials in the training.  A view of materials with trainees
Though trainers gave a good description of all the training tools and materials but they mainly emphasized over practical work during the classes. Trainees were also compelled to work practically what they have learned during that day.


Trainees practically making a circuit
 Overall the training showed good results and it was found that the trainees got lots of information and practical work. They were quite satisfied with all that they gained during the training. Now, it is ensured that they are able to enhance their skill through more
practical and exploit their skill in improvement of their livelihood.