Maternal Health care Trainning Workshop report

Date: 22, 23, 24 June, 2005
Venue: SDF Head Office Takht-Bhai Mardan.
Facilitators: 1. Dr. Jamil Khan, Public Health Coordinator, Mardan
2. Muhammad Ibrahim, Program Assistant (Health)

Day 1st : Project Briefing and General

All appointed project staff gathered in SDF Training Hall. Mr. Shaukat Ali Male Mobilizer recited a few verses from the Holy Quran. Muhammad Ibrahim, program assistant introduced Salik Development Foundation and its activities. Then he briefed the project “Social Mobilization and referral to RHC and CH for safe motherhood.” He also justified and highlighted the background of the project.

During the question answer session Muhammad Ibrahim facilitated the trainees and replied them a polite and comprehensive way.

In the end of the day, Muhammad Ibrahim explained maternal health care healthy life skills in brief. It was just preparation for the next day session on Maternal Health Care of Dr. Jamil Khan, Public Health Coordinator, and Health Deptt Mardan.

After the day one review, the training ended and the participants emphasized for the home work for the next day.

Day Two
Maternal Health Care

The training begun with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Muhammad Ibrahim reviewed the participants.

Then Dr. Abdul Jamil Khan, Public Health Coordinator Mardan, arrived and he explained in detail Maternal Health Care, ANC, safe delivery, healthy tips before, during and after the pregnancy. He stressed that the ANC checkups and deliveries must be attended by skilled birth attendants. During the session, he used the projector and showed some useful transparencies regarding MCH.

After the review of the 2nd day the training ended.

Day 3
Social Mobilization and Communication

After the recitation from the Holy Quran and day two review, Muhammad Ibrahim begun the session of Social Mobilization and Communication.

First he asked some probing question. Then he explained Communication through a group exercise. He told that Communication is the backbone of our project and Social Mobilization. During community interventions we communicate verbally and non-verbally, so the message will must be delivered to the community in the light of the project theme and objectives.
Then Muhammad Ibrahim explained the four main steps for social mobilization i.e Sensitization, Realization, Conceptualization and Organization. Then he defined basic terms of Social mobilization and tools. During the session he stressed that to keep in mind community dynamic, norms and values of the area. He also stressed that do not pretend himself as an officer in the community but always act as a member of the community.

After the 3 days training evaluation and review the participants asked for their work plan and then the participants left for their homes.