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Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Program
Uc JLALA Distt Mardan

Collaboration with:
Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)

Profile of Ms. KHAPERAI:
Name of HH:   Khaperai
Husband Name: Mohabat Shah   
Total family members:    8
PSC Score:    10
Total Annual Income: 35000/-
Total value of assets: 90500/-(3 marla home + Nokia mobile Rs.500)
Training:  Enterprise Development
Asset transferred:    clothes Shop
Income enhanced per month:
PKR 5400 /-

Ms.Khaperai is the permanent resident of Hakeem Abad, UC Jalala Tehsil Takht Bahi District Mardan.She is a healthy woman of 38. She never came out from home for such type of

Ms Khaperai in her cloth shop
activity. Her daughter named Nazaka is disable by feet. She cannot walk. She is expert of small decoration pieces but she has no client for this goods.Her Husband died in 2005. Since then she was making TANDOOR  at home. Her elder son Mr. Manawar is 17 years old. He is working as a daily wager. Her monthly income was about 2916/- rupees which was also not regular. Salik Foundation LEP Unit filled PSC from Ms. Kaperai at her house in the presence of few neighbors’.
Ms Nakaza preparing decoration pieces
She came in the categari of ultra poor as her score was only 10. Livelihood investment form was filled from her by Female LEP officer. She was found to interest in cloth shop. She got enterprise development training of 10 days. As per planning she was trained in the month of October 2011 in a 10 days training of Enterprise Development conducted by Salik Development Foundation through Kamal Hayat Institute of Skill Development. She learnt a lot about how to run a small business more efficiently and effectively. At the end of training she became able to run a 
Ms Khaperai during selling cloths
small shop at her house.
In the Jalala bazzar no such kind of “Female Clothes Shop” in which the community females can buy by their own. So after this cloth shop females came by themselves and buy clothes. Now Ms Nazaka is making decoration pieces and keeps these pieces for sale in mother shop. This was the great achievement that Ms Nazaka got customers for her decoration pieces. Now they are earning a handsome amount per month.
Ms Khaperai is preparing belt (NARA) for sale

Livelihood Enhancement and Protection Unit  
Salik Development Foundation