Salik Development Foundation

Salik Development Foundation

Peace, Development & Prosperity.



The Salik Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization established in 1989 with a mission to promote peace, development, and prosperity in society. It operates as a non-government and non-political entity, dedicated to ensuring equal rights for all without compromising the well-being of others.
Our Vision
Create a peaceful, developed, and prosperous Pakistan where every citizen thrives with equal opportunities
Our Goal
Our Goal is to ensure community participation in the whole process of development through social mobilization, proper planning, Implementation and to facilitate the people for the sustainable solution of their problems within the limits of available resources.
Our Mission
Promote inclusiveness, development, and prosperity by ensuring equal access to resources and maintaining justice and peace in our communities

Salik Development Foundation is an organization that embarked on its journey in 1989 with the objective of providing social development activities in Takht Bahai, an ancient and historic city in Pakistan. The city had suffered from the lack of basic life facilities and necessities, and the organization aimed to enhance the quality of life of its residents.

At the outset, the organization gave priority to helping orphans, widows, and disabled individuals. As time passed, it expanded its activities to include education, health, employment, justice, emergency, and other development projects. In 1994, the organization registered with the Social Welfare Department of KPK, and in 2017, with SECP. They are also registered with FBR and PCP.

The organization faced numerous challenges during its 34-year journey, including social restrictions, kidnappings, property encroachment, and even death threats. Despite these difficulties, the organization persevered through every oppression and obstacle and ultimately achieved its objective. Today, more than 28 lakh people benefit from the organization’s social, development, and agricultural initiatives on a daily basis.

The organization’s work originated in a small neighborhood in Takht Bahai but has now extended to 46 districts of Pakistan, including AJK/GB. Salik Development Foundation continues to prioritize the service of the country, nation, and all of humanity without discrimination. They believe that keeping their social work alive and active is Allah’s command and that of His Prophet (PBUH) and is vital for the progress and development of humanity.

Board of Directors

Jehan Zeb

Jehan Zeb

A Social Activist since 1989, having Master Degree and This and That

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