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Salik Development Foundation is committed to providing the best service possible to all our stake holders not limited to beneficiaries, volunteers, staff, supporters and donors. We recognize, however, that sometimes things can go wrong.

Your feedback is very important to us, and we take your comments on the services we provide very seriously. We endeavor to respond in a timely and appropriate way as well as use your feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We pledge to treat every complaint seriously, with sensitivity, discretion and understanding. We will treat you with courtesy and fairness and investigate the matters raised thoroughly.

How can I complain?

If something goes wrong or you are unhappy with an aspect of our work, your first course of action should be to raise your complaint informally with the person or service concerned. They will often be able to put things right quickly.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your initial your complaint and you feel the matter has not been resolved, then you can make a formal complaint that will be recorded and handled appropriately. When making your complaint you should state clearly and briefly:

  • What is the issue?
  • When and where it happened?
  • Who was involved?
  • What is you want?
  • Your name, address and contact details (telephone and/or email)

You can send an email (subject ‘Formal Complaint ( or send us a written letter to SDF office Near Old MCB, Opposite Ashfaq Plaza, Mehman-e-Nabawi Building Takht Bhai district Mardan KPK of Pakistan.


After email you will receive a written acknowledgement within seven working days of your complaint being received. We may need to ask you some questions and to seek information from others. A final response will be written within twenty working days of SDF receiving all the necessary information needed to investigate your complaint. This response will inform you of any action we will take and or any general action we plan to take to improve our services in the future.

If at any stage, we think that the complaint investigation will take longer we will let you know and we will give you written updates every twenty working days. This may be the case if the complaint investigation is complex or requires the collection of statements from multiple people.

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